Passport Pals

Passport Pals is a weekly geography based storytime for preschoolers and toddlers.  Each month we focus on a different country and each week we read stories about that country. This page contains links to the plans I have used for this group. Most of the books are available at our library, although sometimes I order books through our state’s inter-library loan program.

Each week of Passport Pals I start with the same song. I sing the words to the tune of “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush” and have the kids do the actions with me. The last verse is always “sit right down”, so the kids sit down on the floor and we are ready to begin storytime.

Also each week I have a suitcase that I decorated just for Passport Pals and I include items in this suitcase that go along with the topic for the week. The kids really enjoy watching me pull each item out from the suitcase and trying to figure out how the items relate to the topic of the day.


Every week we sing the “Continent Cheer” from Intelli-tunes Geography, Geology and Meteorology cd. I made a poster that helps with the words. The kids really enjoy this song – especially when they get to hop like a kangaroo!  It is also fun to hear 3 year olds shout out the word “Continents” at the end!


I also hand out “passport pages” each week with a statement of what we talked about and a place to stamp them.  The first week they come, kids are given a “passport” that they can easily add extra pages to.

With that background, you should be able to understand the following lesson plans. Enjoy and I hope you are able to use some of these plans yourself!

Introduction to Geography

 Around the World


 Introduction to Brazil

 Brazil – Rainforest

 Brazil – Soccer


 Introduction to France

 France – Paris

 France – Art

 France – Hot Air Balloons


 Introduction to England

 England – Castles

 England – Tea Time

 England – Thanksgiving

 England – Knights

Christmas Around the World

 Christmas Around the World – St. Nicholas Day

 Christmas Around the World – O Christmas Tree

Christmas Around the World – Feliz Navidad (Mexico)

 Christmas Around the World – Africa


 Russia – Introduction

 Russia – Polar Bears

 Russia – Hockey

Russia – Ballet

Russia – Famous Stories (Peter and the Wolf and The Gigantic Turnip)


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