The Call: A 10-Week Study for Families and Churches

“The Call” is a ten week study that combines individual Bible reading with whole group activities to challenge children of all ages to respond to God’s Call on their lives.

Often we think of God’s call for our lives as something mysterious and hidden. However, God’s call for us is not hidden away somewhere for us to find when we are older. On the contrary, it is clearly laid out in Scripture for all of us. This study takes a look at ten specific calls that God has for each one of us and it asks the question, “Will you answer The Call?”

In this book, you will find a complete ten week Bible reading plan for young children, independent readers and teenagers. Print off as many of those as you need and send them home with your children. (Note: the plan for teenagers is printed out on bookmarks. Send a bookmark home each week and encourage your teens to keep that bookmark in their Bibles and spend time reading each day.) Our church offers incentives to the kids for returning the Bible reading plan each week. We send home a new plan on Sunday and if they return it initialed by their parents, we give them a small treat. Feel free to use these plans however you want, but please do all you can to encourage your children and teens to read the Bible passages each day!

In this book, you will also find ideas for incorporating the Bible reading plan with your youth ministry. At our church, we have a “Summer Kidz Zone” for our kids one day a week during Summer break. During the summer of 2015, we used “The Call” for our Summer Kidz Zone program.  We had a great time with it and our kids were truly challenged to live out the call of God in their lives!

"The Call" a ten week study for families and churches

It is my prayer that this study will help you provide a wonderful and challenging ten week program for your kids!

To view the Bible Reading Programs associated with this book, click on the appropriate picture:

The Call a summer Bible Reading plan for children and teensThe Call a summer Bible reading plan for teensThe Call a summer Bible Reading plan for young children

Are you interested in using “The Call” with your youth ministry or family?  If so, click below to purchase.

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