Storytime Plans: England

In November, the country we visited during Passport Pals was England. We had a lot of fun learning about famous landmarks, as well as Kings and Queens, knights, and tea time! I wanted to do England in November so that I could have a special Thanksgiving themed storytime in Passport Pals during the week of Thanksgiving.

Here are the plans I used for the first week in November — an introduction to England.

Passport Pals: England

Welcome Song: Come on everybody and clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands, Come on everybody and clap your hands on the way to Passport Pals . . . stomp your feet, swing your arms, jump up high, spin around, sit right down . . . watch me spin the globe.

We are in a new country today for Passport Pals! Let’s see what clues we have in our bag as to where we might be!


Suitcase: flag of England, picture of or tiny castle, continent map, clock (Big Ben), crown, lion, bus

We are in England! Find England on globe/map. Put a tack on England.

Read “England” by Christine Juarez

What continent is England on? EUROPE! Let’s sing our Continent song.

Continent Cheer  (GGM #3)



Let’s see what happens when Maisy visits London, the capital of England.

ReadMaisy Goes to London” by Lucy Cousins

Sing/play London Bridge is falling down (Dr. Jean #24 — orange)

Read “Katie in London” by James Mayhew

Song: “Hickory Dickory Dock” (Dr. Jean orange #14)

ReadLondon a Book of Opposites” by Ashley Evanson. (have kids guess opposites)

Stamp Passports

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