Storytime Plans: Castles

Our second week in England had us exploring castles and we had so much fun! Here are the plans that I used for this week.

Passport Pals England – Castles

Sing Welcome Song — Come on everybody and clap your hands . . .  stomp your feet . . . jump up high . . . get down low . . . spin around . . . hop on one foot . . . sit right down . . . watch me spin the globe . . . on the way to Passport Pals.

What country are we studying this month? England! What continent is England on? EUROPE! Let’s do our Continent Cheer.

Continent Cheer (GGM #3)

Suitcase — castle, crown, flag, stone, hat

This week we are going to talk about CASTLES!  Let’s start off by taking a look inside a castle!

Read “Look inside a Castle” by Jenny Moss

Who lives in a castle? Let’s do this fun action rhyme about the people who live in a castle! (Have the kids do the actions with each verse)

I am the king of running,

I run and run and run.

My subjects all run with me

And we have so much fun!

I am the queen of jumping,

I jump and jump and jump.

My subjects all jump with me

And fall down with a bump!

I am the prince of turning,

I turn and turn and turn.

My subjects all turn with me,

It’s an easy thing to learn!

I am the princess of dancing,

I dance and dance and dance.

My subjects all dance with me

And sit when they get a chance!

Who lives in the castle in England today? The QUEEN and her family! England still has a queen . . . her name is Queen Elizabeth and this is what she looks like today. (At this time I showed a picture of Queen Elizabeth).  She also has a son, who will be the king when Queen Elizabeth is no longer queen. (show picture)  And this is her grandson and his family (show a picture).  Let’s read about a day when the Queen lost her hat.

Read “The Queen’s Hat” by Steve Antony

Craft: Make a crown. Have kids put the crowns on their heads while you read the next book. There are lots of crown crafts you can use, but this is the one we did.

A long time ago, there was another Queen named Victoria. She wanted to be able to go swimming, but she had a problem. This fun book is going to tell us what happened.

ReadQueen Victoria’s Bathing Machine” by Gloria Whelan

Song: “I Took a Bath in a Washing Machine” by Jim Gill #4

Now let’s work together to make a castle! Use blocks to make castles, play music while you work. (I played Dr. Jean’s nursery rhyme cd while the kids worked together to make castles using blocks that I got from our children’s play area.)

Stamp Passport

Author: Cheri Gamble

Cheri Gamble is a minister's wife and mom to five boys who lives in Southwestern Lower Michigan. She and her husband, Tom, have been married for over twenty years and they have been involved with vocational ministry for just as long. Cheri is the author of over 15 books including devotionals and hands-on Bible Curriculum. She enjoys serving the children and youth at her church as a Sunday School teacher, children's worship leader, and children's music and drama leader. She also works as the Outreach Ministries Director at LifePlan, an organization with the mission of "Spreading the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life". In her free time, Cheri enjoys reading, writing, working on her blog, and watching football with her boys.

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