Banana Bread & Mismatched Socks

“Banana Bread & Mismatched Socks: 100 Devotional Thoughts From My Every Day Life”
is a book I have always wanted to write.  In October of 2014, God allowed me to see this book published.  It is a devotional based on stories from my every day life.  Some of the stories are just that — every day stories that most everyone will relate with.  Others are much bigger stories — stories where God showed up in remarkable ways!  All the stories are combined with Scripture and Biblical applications, making it a book that will challenge and inspire YOU as you draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Let me tell you more about this fun, new devotional.

Banana Bread & Mismatched Socks

Banana Bread & Mismatched Socks is a devotional that finds spiritual applications in ordinary (and some not so ordinary) experiences. Whether you are laughing at the antics of the kids, relating to the challenges and triumphs of being a mom, or experiencing the wonder of an awesome God who provides exactly what is needed in remarkable and unique ways, you will be encouraged in your walk with Jesus as you read this book.

Wherever you are on your journey of life, this book can help you draw closer to the Father as you spend uninterrupted time in His presence.

Each Devotion begins with a suggested passage of Scripture that can be read first, followed by a story to drive the point of the Scripture home.  There is also a verse written out at the end of each devotion, as well as Biblical applications throughout.

They say it takes six weeks to form a habit . . . what greater way to help instill the habit of spending time with God than 100 days of daily devotions?

reading banana bread

Here is one of the reviews from the amazon page for this book:

“This is a great Devotional that is not only well written but is relevant to everyday ups and downs. Cheri’s optimistic outlook gives the reader a smile… and from time to time, a hearty laugh as the reader is touched by the humor not only from the stories but as they personally relate to the events that Cheri shares.
A great book for your own devotions but also for gift-giving!
I highly recommend this gem of a book!”

Beth Robbins Bontrager – Author of “Butterfly Hugs”

Here is a review from Dawnita at “Prairie Dust Trail”.

 And check out these thoughts about “Banana Bread & Transformed Lives” by Books by Corine.

 This book is available in both print and e-book (kindle) as well as through a printable pdf.   It also contains illustrations by two of my boys.  Here are a couple of their favorite illustrations from the book:

boys pictures

Sample Devotions:

Banana Bread & Transformed Lives

Acorns & Tomatoes

Canoeing (Thoughts on Biblical Marriage)

Duct Tape Wallets

A Trip to the Orchard

Mismatched Socks

 I pray that you will consider purchasing this book for your own encouragement and possibly giving it as a gift to someone you know who could use the challenge and inspiration in her own life.  This book could make a difference in your life and in the life of someone you know!



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  1. All the way from Pearland, TX, I bring kudos to Cheri. My friend Susan Haas (South Bend, IN) sent me “Banana Bread” for my and I am totally enjoying. I like that it’s inspirational but still lighthearted, cute, funny, clever, etc. Every day I pray that I might love the Lord more and serve Him better. Today I have a special need and am being silent (for the most part) so that I can hear Him when He talks to me. Love and Blessings, Ginny Lochner

    1. Thanks so much! Susan is a wonderful person and if you are her friend, I am sure you are wonderful, too 🙂 I will be praying for you as you grow closer to the Lord, and may He give you special peace and direction today! Thanks for commenting!

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