Passport Pals – Introduction to Brazil

The first country we tackled in Passport Pals was Brazil. We spent the rest of the month of September on Brazil. These are the plans for our first week in Brazil.

 Brazil — Introduction

Welcome Song — add new last verse . . . (From now on, after the kids are sitting down I take out the globe and sing, “Come and watch me spin the globe, spin the globe, spin the globe. Come and watch me spin the globe as we go to Passport Pals”. Then I spin the globe and have the kids help me find whatever country we are on.)

“Come everybody and . . .

Clap your hands

Jump up high

Swing your arms

Stomp your feet

Spin around

Sit right down”

“Come and watch me spin the globe, spin the globe, spin the globe, Come and watch me spin the globe as we visit a new country”

Suitcase — shape of Brazil (South America sign) , sunscreen, sunglasses, flag of Brazil, spices (chili pepper,paprika)

Find Brazil on globe/world map – add tack to the map where Brazil is.

Read “B is for Brazil” by Maria Campos.

What CONTINENT is Brazil on? (South America) Let’s do our “Continent Cheer”

Song: Continent Cheer (GGM #3)

Teach Brazilian word for the day “ola” (hello) and “adeus” (goodbye)

ReadBella & Harry Let’s Visit Rio de Janeiro!” by Lisa Manzione.

Make Maraccas – Use duct tape to tape together two paper or foam cups. (Handy Hint: have the cups already taped together with bright colored duct tape) then give the kids crayons and let them color the maraccas. Use the maraccas as you sing a Brazilian song.

Sing #10 on “World Playground” with Maraccas.

Pass out passport page/stamp the passport (I used a “B” stamp for Brazil).

Goodbye in Portuguese “adeus”

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