Old Testament


God Created Everything: A Preschool Lesson on Creation (includes all days)

You Are the Light of the World (Day 1)

Heaven and Earth (Day 2)

The Seas and the Land (Day 3)

Shining Like Stars in the Universe (Day 4)

Birds and Fish (Day 5)

You Are Special (Day 6)

It’s Time to Take a Break: The Importance of Rest (Day 7)


God Always Keeps His Promises: A Preschool Lesson over Abraham and Sarah


I Can Praise God When I’m Happy AND When I’m Sad (Preschool)


The Big Green Monster: A Preschool Bible Lesson on Jealousy (Genesis 37:1-35)


Whining and Complaining, Yuck! A Preschool Bible Lesson over Exodus 16

I Can Lend a Helping Hand: A Preschool Lesson Based on Exodus 17:8-16

A Bible Lesson for Families on Encouraging One Another (Exodus 17:8-16) VIDEO LESSON


The Manna House: A Lesson for Families on Giving Thanks (Numbers 11 — VIDEO SERIES)

God can do amazing things: A Preschool Lesson based on Numbers 22 (Balaam & His Donkey)

I Can Serve God Now and When I’m Older: A Preschool Lesson based on Numbers 27:12-23


A Family Bible Lesson on Samson (Our Strength Comes from God)

Hannah Prays for a Baby:

A Preschool Bible Lesson for Mother’s Day


David & Goliath: A Lesson for Families (with a video lesson)

A Lesson for Families on David and Bathsheba (with a video lesson)

King Saul tries to Kill David:

A Lesson for Children on Anger

1 Kings:

Elijah & The Prophets of Baal: A Lesson for Families (VIDEO LESSON)


I Can Do What is Right: A Preschool Lesson on Daniel 1

Standing Strong: A Lesson based on Daniel 3 (made for families to use together during COVID-19)

A Family Lesson Based on Daniel 5 (Video Lesson)

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