Storytime for France: Art

For our third week in France, we took a trip to the LOUVRE and explored art. This week also had a special art project that the kids did at the end.  It was a great week! Here are the plans.

Storytime Plans for France: Art


Sing Welcome Song (Come on everybody and clap your hands . . . stomp your feet . . . jump up high . . . swing your arms . . . spin around . . . sit right down . . . on the way to Passport Pals. ) Watch me spin the globe . . .

Spin globe . . . Remember where we are this month? We are in France! Who can tell me where France is? What continent is it on? Find France on map/globe/continent.

Continent Cheer (GGM #3)

Suitcase — paints, paintbrushes, picture of Mona Lisa, scissors, chicken? Shaker? Frog?

Today we are going to talk about ART, but first, let’s take another tour of Paris — this time with Mr. Chicken!

ReadMr. Chicken Goes to Paris” by Leigh Hobbs

Sing “I Know a Chicken” with shakers — Laurie Berkner Band #16 (We have the cd for this, but here’s a fun video you can use . . . )

ReadHenri’s Scissors” by Jeanette Winter

Cut out construction paper shapes with fancy scissors (play French music while they work). (NOTE: The kids had fun using the fancy scissors, but a lot of my kids needed help because they didn’t have the skill of cutting perfected yet.)

Our next story is about another artist and a frog! Can you leap like a frog? (practice leaping). What does a frog say? (ribbit) Let’s see if we can find the frog in this story!

ReadWhere is the Frog” by Geraldine Elschner

Fingerplay: Five Green & Speckled Frogs (this is a link to the words and a song if you want to try singing it . . .also there’s a video 🙂 I had little frogs cut out of flannel with velcro on the back that I used on a flannel “glove” (I wear the glove and take the frogs off each time. The kids also enjoy helping to take off the frogs)


For this week, I had a special art project that the kids did out in the main part of the library at the tables. I had pictures of famous art works that the kids used watercolor paints to paint. They really enjoyed this project.

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