Behind the Scenes

“Behind the Scenes” is a unique Easter play that will help your congregation experience the Easter story in a meaningful and challenging way.  Written by an experienced children’s worker for use with her own church children’s ministry, “Behind the Scenes” takes a look at what might have been happening in the spiritual realm during the birth, temptation, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Approximately 25 minutes long, the play features such characters as angels, fallen angels, King Herod and his assistant, the Magi, a mom, and her three children.

two of the good angels

Appropriate humor is used throughout, but the focus remains on the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us.  This is a play that will help both your children and your congregation celebrate the true meaning of Easter in a creative and memorable way this year.

two of the fallen angels

Purchasing this play gives you the right to make copies for every member of your cast.

behind pdfbehind amazon

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