By the Tree

By the Tree: An Easter Play for Children is an easy to rehearse and easy to perform Easter play for children.  All the scenes take place by a tree on a road on the way to Jerusalem.  It is by this tree where we meet Nathaniel as he prays before Philip introduces him to Jesus.  It is also by this tree where  four men carrying a paralyzed man to Jesus rest and discuss their options.  We meet a blind man on his way to wash his eyes off at the Pool of Siloam and then again when he has to defend the miracle that took place in his life.  Priests also meet by this tree to plot the murder of Jesus, and, finally, young children run by this tree, first waving palm branches and, at the end, proclaiming to all that Jesus has risen from the dead.

By the Tree an Easter Play for Children

By the Tree is a play that can easily be learned and performed with limited time, space, and people.  While there are 19 speaking parts, parts can  be combined for fewer participants or added for more.  This is a play that will help your children and congregation focus on the true meaning of Easter this year.

Purchasing one copy of the play gives you the rights to make copies for all the people involved in the play in your ministry.

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