The Book of Acts: A Hands-on Homeschool Curriculum

“The Book of Acts: A Hands-on Homeschool Curriculum” is a Bible curriculum designed to help families grow in their faith during the school year.  Covering the entire book of Acts over a period of 30 weeks, the curriculum also explores passages in the Old Testament as well as several New Testament Scriptures including the epistles of Paul.

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Suggested memory verses are given for each week, along with copy work, journal prompts, and various activities designed to reach all learning styles.

Each weekly lesson ends with an Extended Activities section which contains ideas for using the Book of Acts across the curriculum through history, science, geography, math and language arts.

Also included is a weekly Preschool Pointer, enabling families to include even the youngest members in Bible learning.


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Finally, each lesson contains an Act On It suggestion which is designed to help families put their faith into action in a practical way.

From building a pyramid to aid in a discussion of the importance of building their lives on the Word of God to creating a drama production over the life of Paul, this curriculum is designed to allow all children and families  to grow in the Word of God during the school year.

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Written by a veteran homeschooling mom and former Christian School teacher, “The Book of Acts: A Hands-on Homeschool Curriculum” makes a great addition to any homeschooling school year.

View One Week’s Worth of Lessons 

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