Passport Pals – Brazil (Soccer)

Our last week in Brazil was focused on their favorite sport — futbal!  Yes, we know it as SOCCER! We had a lot of fun this week . . . probably my favorite week of the month. Here are the plans.

Brazil – Soccer

Welcome Song — Come on everybody and clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands, Come on everybody and clap your hands on the way to Passport Pals, stomp your feet, jump up high, swing your arms, spin around, sit right down.  Come and watch me spin the globe!

Ola! How are you today? Can you say “hi” to me in Portuguese? (Ola)

What country have we been visiting? (Brazil). What continent is Brazil on? (South America) Let’s do our Continent Cheer!!

Song: Continent Cheer (GGM #3)

Suitcase — soccer ball, soccer shoes, shin guards, a few lone socks

Soccer is one of the main sports in Brazil! Only, they call it futbal. Can you say that? (practice). Does anyone know how you play soccer? Talk about soccer.

There is a very famous man from Brazil named Pele. He was a super good soccer player — known all over the world. I am going to read you an autobiography about his life — that means he wrote it! This is what he says about his life and soccer.

ReadFor the love of Soccer!” by Pele.

If you are going to be an athlete like Pele, you have to EXERCISE! Let’s exercise right now!

Lead kids in several little exercises, then sing: “The Body Rock” (Kids in Motion #2)

We like to play games like futball or soccer, but what would you do if you didn’t have a ball to play with? That is the problem facing the boy in this next book, “The Sock Thief”. Let’s see what he does.

Read “The Sock Thief” by Ana Crespo.  (This is a super cute book. Even the animals speak Portuguese!)

Take out a few pairs of socks, wrap them up as balls and let the kids take turns rolling them (or kicking them if you are brave)  into a goal.

Gather socks.  Then say, “Do any of you play soccer on a team?”. This next book is about Froggy and his soccer team.

ReadFroggy Plays Soccer” by Jonathan London.

Craft: Soccer boy & Girl, let kids color, show them how to play with it. Let them do this while Brazilian music (World Playground #10) is playing. Use soccer boys and girls for a fingerplay:

(Sung to the tune of “freres Jacques”)

Soccer player, soccer player

Dribble the ball, down the field

Stop and kick a goal, stop and kick a goal

Score a point, score a point!

Passport Stamp/ Goodbye “Adieus”

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