New Testament


 Join Team Jesus: A Preschool Bible Lesson over Matthew 3:13-17

I Can Follow Jesus: A Preschool Lesson based on Matthew 4:18-22

Bold Faith: A Lesson over Matthew 8:5-13

Jesus Wants Me at His Party: A Lesson Based on Matthew 22:1-14

An Easter Bible Lesson for families (Matthew 28:1-15)


The Jesus Team: A Preschool Bible Lesson about the 12 Disciples

Faith into Action: A Bible Lesson over Mark 2:1-13


Jesus Gives Me Living Water: A Bible Lesson Over the Woman at the Well

I Can Be a Servant: A Bible Lesson for Preschoolers over John 13:5-20

Jesus Takes Care of Me: A Preschool Lesson over John 21:1-14


A Preschool Lesson on Sharing based on Acts 2:44-47

A Homeschool Lesson over Acts 3-4:12 (one week’s worth of lessons!!)

Chosen to Serve God: A Preschool Bible Lesson based on Acts 6:1-6


A Preschool Bible Lesson for Valentine’s Day (Romans 5:8)


A Lesson for Children on Anger (from James 1:19-21)

Faith into Action: A Bible Lesson over James 2 & Mark 2

James 2:8-10 (A 5 Day Lesson for Families)

Stop, Drop, and Pray (A Lesson from James 5:13-15)

Using a Plunger to Portray Spiritual Truths (James 4:4-6)