Part of my ministry as a mom includes homeschooling a child with dyslexia.  It is not always easy — in fact, it is hardly ever easy — but I am continually amazed at the creativity and sensitive spirit of my child with dyslexia.  I know that he is exactly who God made him to be, and I love every part of him!

Every once in awhile I write about our journey with dyslexia.  I want to share what I have learned with others who find themselves in similar situations and I pray that my articles on dyslexia will provide encouragement to those who need it most!

Did you just find out your child has dyslexia?  Read this first:

My Child Has Been Diagnosed With Dyslexia, Now What?

Do you need encouragement as you parent a child with dyslexia?  Try these articles:

10 Encouraging Verses for Children with Dyslexia (and their parents)

Dyslexia: For Those Days When I Just Want to Quit

Are you interested in our journey with dyslexia?  Read these articles:

Dyslexia: A 9 Year Old’s Story

Dyslexia: Our Journey (an update to “A 9 Year Old’s Story”, some tips on dealing with dyslexia, what we use for curriculum, and a video of the 2 of us reading the book we wrote about his dyslexia)

Dyslexia and the Church: 10 Ways to Make Children’s Ministry More Dyslexia Friendly (this article begins with our personal story)

Would you like some practical suggestions for how to help kids who struggle with dyslexia in your children’s ministry?  (This is also a great article to pass along to those who work with kids at your church):

Dyslexia and the Church: 10 Ways to Make Children’s Ministry More Dyslexia Friendly

And, in case you didn’t know, my son and I wrote a book together about his dyslexia.  We wrote it, hoping that it would encourage kids just like him!  You can find out more information about that book here.

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