COVID-19 Series

Many families are unable to attend church due to COVID-19. My family and I are making videos each week for the families at our church to use with their children and each of these lessons also includes ideas for activities, snacks, crafts, discussion questions, and application activities to go along with the video.

The lessons are all independent of each other, but I have listed them in the order that we did them.

Following is this series of lessons:

Standing Strong for Jesus: A Lesson over the fiery furnace

My Strength is from God: A Lesson over Samson

Palm Sunday Lesson

Easter Lesson for Families

The Gospel is for EVERYONE: A Lesson over Acts 10

The Lost Son: A Lesson for Families

David & Goliath: A Lesson for Families

Paul’s Trek: A Lesson for Families over Acts 27

Paul & Silas Praise Jesus: A Lesson over Acts 16:22-40

Elijah & The Prophets of Baal: A Lesson for Families

The Manna House: A Lesson for Families on Giving Thanks (based on Numbers 11)

Encouraging One Another: A Lesson based on Exodus 17:8-16

A Family Lesson Based on Daniel 5

A Lesson for Families on David & Bathsheba

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