Preschool Storytime over Paris

Week Two of our month in France had us visiting the city of Paris. We had lots of fun looking at some great picture books that highlighted famous places in Paris. Here are the plans I used.

Storytime Plans over Paris

Bonjour! Let’s sing our Passport Pals welcome song together!  (Come on everybody and clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands, come on everybody and clap your hands on the way to Passport Pals . . .  jump up high, swing your hands, stomp your feet, spin around, sit right down.  Watch me spin the globe.)

Spin globe. Locate France on map/globe.  What continent is France on? Europe! Let’s sing our Continent Song.

Continent Cheer (GGM #3)

Suitcase — cows, box of crayons, spatula, jam, sugar (ingredients for crepes)

ReadThe Cows are Going to Paris” by Allen Woodman and David Kirby. (Super fun, super cute book!)

Cow fingerplay (give each kid a cow to hold and act out, or let them use each finger to pretend to be a different cow . . . adapt it for your group.)

“This little cow eats grass,

This little cow eats hay,

This little cow drinks water,

This little cow runs away,

And this little cow does nothing

But just lies down all day!”

Let’s learn some more French words today!

Read “Colors in French” by Daniel Nunn.  Interact with the kids during this book, ask them the colors and words for them in English before saying them in French.

Music: World Playground #8 with shakers.

Read “Crepes by Suzette” by Monica Wellington

Craft: Make crepes — give kids brown circles cut out of construction paper or paper plates. Let them add their own “yummy stuff” to the top using markers, construction paper crayons or strips of paper.  Play music (World Playground #8 or other French songs) while they work.

Stamp Passports

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