Paul’s Trek: A Lesson for Families over Acts 27

This week’s lesson looks at the story of Paul being shipwrecked and his time on the island of Malta with the theme of preaching the Gospel everywhere you go. The video includes a skit (using Star Trek: The Next Generation as our inspiration), a special Mother’s Day silly song, a stop motion video by the youngest Gamble boys, and two more experiments by Mr. Science, Senior Science, and Mortimore.

I hope your family is able to use this lesson. We now have to stay at home until June, so we’ll be back next week with another lesson.

See you then!


Opening Activities 

  1. Today’s lesson is about a shipwreck that happened when Paul was on his way to Rome. Make your own boats out of whatever you have on hand. Fill your bathtub (or kitchen sink) with water and see how well your boats float! Say: In today’s lesson, Paul had to go to Rome to stand trial before Caesar for preaching Jesus. Do you know how he got to Rome? On a boat! Today we are going to learn about what happened during this trip. 
  1. The ship that Paul was traveling on got stuck in a huge storm which caused it to eventually crash and sink. Make your own storm in a bottle! After watching the storm, say: How do you think Paul felt when the storm came? This was a serious storm – but, as we will learn today, Paul was not afraid. Let’s watch today’s video to find out why he was not afraid.Find directions here
  1. Take a look at Paul’s missionary journeys. Today’s lesson took place during his third journey. Find an interactive map here.

The Lesson 

Watch today’s Video Lesson by the GamFam:

Discussion Questions

Use the following questions to aid in your discussion: 

  • Why was Paul on the ship traveling to Rome? 
  • What were Paul’s feelings about leaving for Rome when they did? 
  • How did Paul encourage the crew during the storm? 
  • How did the island people greet Paul and the rest of the people from the ship when they were shipwrecked on the island? 
  • What happened when Paul went to get wood for the fire? 
  • How did the island people react to Paul when he was bit by a snake and survived? 
  • How long did they stay on the island? 
  • What did Paul do during this time? 

What happened next? Read Acts 28:16-31 to find out. 

Paul preached Jesus everywhere he went – and we need to do the same. We should look for opportunities to share the good news of the Gospel in whatever situation we find ourselves, knowing that God is always with us and will give us the words and courage to speak for Him! 

Spend time praying together, asking God to give you opportunities to share the Gospel with everyone you know! 

Additional Activities 

  1. Make a campfire and roast marshmallows. Discuss today’s lesson and the opportunities God has given you to share His love with others. 
  1. Make a snake craft. Find some great ideas here.
  1. Use sliced bananas and strawberries to make your own snake snack! Use a whole strawberry for the snake’s head. Add whipped cream to make the eyes and a sliver of strawberry (or fruit roll up) for the tongue.  
  1. Find a coloring page for today’s lesson here.


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