Palm Sunday Lesson for Families

Another week of staying at home due to COVID-19 . . . another lesson for your family to use. Use this lesson to help your kids focus on praising Jesus. Your family may be experiencing a lot of disappointment and uncertainty at this time but one thing that we can never be uncertain about is God’s love for us! God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to take the penalty for our sins — and that is worth praising Him for no matter what is going on around us! Help your kids turn their fears, worries, and disappointments into praise today!

Hope you are able to use this . . . . have a great week!


Opening Activities: 

  1. Have a parade with your family! While you might not be able to go around your neighborhood, you can go around your house! Use pots and pans for drums and march throughout your house. Make it a praise parade and shout praises for Jesus as you march! When you finish your parade say: Today we are going to learn about a time when Jesus rode into town and the people shouted praises – kind of like our parade!   
  1. Have a donkey race! If you have enough people in your family, pair people up so one is the donkey and one is the rider and then have races through your house to see who can get to the finish line (without losing their rider) first. You can also use stuffed animals instead of people as the “rider” and see who can go the furthest or fastest without losing their “rider”. Have fun! When you finish, say: Today we are going to talk about at time when Jesus rode into town on a donkey and the people shouted praises. 
  1. Has anyone in your family ever met a famous person? Describe that event. How did you feel meeting him? What happened? If no one has met a famous person, what famous person would you really like to meet? What do you think you would do if that person walked down the street in front of your house today? After your discussion, say: Today we are going to talk about a time when Jesus came into town and we are going to look at the response that the people had to Him. 

The Lesson 

Discussion & Application 

Discuss today’s lesson – make sure all your kids understand what happened. Use the following questions to aid your discussion: 

  • What were the people shouting at Jesus when He came riding into town on a donkey? 
  • Why did this upset the Pharisees? 
  • What did Jesus mean when He said, “If they don’t cry out, the rocks will cry out?” 
  • What are some things that you praise Jesus for today? 

Spend time together in prayer – praising Jesus for saving you from your sins!  

Here’s a song you can sing together: 

Additional Activities: 

  1. Draw palm branches and write praises on them.  
  1. Make a palm branch snack – use whatever you have on hand. Grapes and bananas and oranges are a lot of fun to use to make a palm tree. Talk about the things you praise Jesus for as you make and eat your snack. 
  1. Use empty toilet paper tubes and green construction paper to make your own palm trees.  
  1. Make a palm tree using green and brown paint and your children’s handprints! Help your children paint a brown tree trunk on paper and then use their hands to make the palm branches. Have them tell you one thing they praise Jesus for and write it on the page (“I praise Jesus for ___________”) 
  1. Find a coloring page that goes with this lesson here.  


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