David & Goliath Lesson for Families

Well, we are still on a stay-at-home order here in Michigan, so here’s another Bible lesson for families. This week’s lesson is over David and Goliath and teaches that God is with us everywhere — so we don’t need to be afraid when we face tough situations!

A couple of my boys took over the video this week — so it’s a bit of a different format. They are convinced your older kids will love it, so . . . . enjoy 🙂

Have a great week!


Opening Activities 

  1. Who is the tallest person in your family? Line everyone up and determine who is tallest. How tall is that person? Figure out everyone’s height. Today we are going to learn about someone who was 9 feet tall. How much taller is that than the tallest person in your family? Would you be able to combine any of the people in your family to make that height? Have those people lie down on the ground so you can get an idea of how long 9 feet is – now imagine that going up to the sky!  
  1. Make an outline that is 9 feet long. (If you can do this outside, that would be even more fun!) Consider drawing a 9 feet tall person with sidewalk chalk. Have everyone take turns laying down inside the outline of the person to see where each person measures up to this “giant”. Take pictures of each person in the giant.  
  1. For discussion: Have you ever had to do anything that was really scary? Tell us about it! Today we are going to talk about someone who did something pretty scary, but God was with him the whole time – and God will be with you, too! 

The Lesson 

Show today’s GamFam video:


Use the following questions to aid in your discussion: 

  • What was the challenge that Goliath gave every day? 
  • What was the response of the Israelites to this challenge? 
  • Why was David at the battlefield? 
  • How did David’s older brothers react when they saw David? Why? 
  • What did David volunteer to do? 
  • How did David defeat the giant? 
  • Has there ever been a time in your life when you have had to do something that took a lot of courage? How does remembering that God is with you help during those times? 

If you made the outline of the giant with sidewalk chalk earlier, go back to that outline for this next activity. Talk about how God is with you wherever you go . . . then have the kids draw/write places that they go that God is with them. (For example: kids might write “God is with me at school” or “God is with me at the doctor’s office”. Have them write these statements inside the outline of the giant. Another option is to have the kids draw pictures of places they go where they want to remember that God is with them. When you finish this activity, spend time praying, thanking God that He is with us wherever we go! 

Additional Activities 

  1. Find some rocks around your house and have the kids paint these rocks (or use markers) with words that remind them that God is always with them. Have them place these rocks back around your house . . . or go for a walk and “hide” these rocks in the neighborhood for other people to find! 
  1. If you have older kids, you might want to make a slingshot together. Then have fun trying to hit targets with the slingshot.  
  1. Use food to depict the story of David and Goliath. You could use marshmallows and pretzels to make a marshmallow giant – or you could combine a variety of fruit to make a slingshot. Use whatever food you have on hand and let your kids be creative! 
  1. Make a target 9 feet high and have the kids try to hit that target with mini-marshmallows (or aluminum foil balls, ping pong balls . . . whatever you have on hand). Who can get the closest? Discuss today’s lesson while you are playing this game. 

5. Print off the picture below and have your kids color it. They can also cut them apart and use them to retell the story.


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