The Gospel is for Everyone: A Bible Lesson for Families

Today’s family Bible lesson focuses on the important truth that God does not show favoritism. God wants EVERYONE to be saved – no matter what they look like, where they are from, or what their background is. He wants us to share the Gospel with everyone . . . and when we take this good news to others, God says we have “Beautiful Feet”.  

This week’s lesson looks at the story of Peter and Cornelius found in Acts 10. It also uses a passage found in Romans 10:11-16.  

Be encouraged this week as you share God’s Truth with your kids. You’re doing a great job! 

Until next week, 


Opening Activities 

  1. Have your family sit in a circle on the floor and remove their shoes and socks. Use a ball (or any other item that can easily be passed from person to person) and have everyone pass this item from person to person while someone plays music in the background. When the music stops, whoever is holding the item is out. Oh, and you need to pass the item with your FEET not your hands! Have fun! When you finish, say: In this game, we passed an item from person to person using our feet. There’s something else God wants us to pass on to other people and that is the Gospel. He wants us to use our feet to walk to people and share the good news about Jesus Christ and He wants us to share that good news with EVERYONE we know! 
  1. In today’s lesson, Peter has a vision where he sees animals being let down on a sheet. Put a sheet on the floor of your room. Have your family members sit on the sheet and then call out the name of an animal. When you call out that animal, everyone on the sheet has to act like that animal. You can make this competitive by watching to see who the last person to act like that animal is and then that person is “out” and has to get off the sheet. Or, you can simply have fun acting like animals together! When you finish the game, say: Today we are going to learn about a vision that Peter had that included a sheet and animals – and we are going to discover what he learned from it and what it means to us today. 

The Lesson 

Show the GamFam video found here:


Read Acts 10 together. Use the following questions to aid in your discussion: 

  1. Describe the vision that Peter had when he was on his roof praying. 
  1. Why was it such a big deal that Peter went to Cornelius’s house? 
  1. What happened to Cornelius and his family and friends?  
  1. What does the fact that God does not show favoritism mean to you personally? 
  1. Can you think of any people in your life that God wants you to share His love with? Spend time praying for them today! 

Give each person a piece of paper and have everyone trace his/her feet on that paper. Then, in each of the toes, have each person write the name of someone that he/she can share the Gospel with. In the main part of the foot, have each person draw or write one way he can share the Gospel. End this time in prayer. 

Additional Activities 

  1. Make animal shaped sugar cookies together and decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. Discuss how all the cookies look different from one another, but they were all made by the same person and decorated by the same family. In the same way, everyone looks different, but everyone was made by the same God and is loved by Him. The Gospel is for everyone and we need to share it with everyone! 
  1. Make footprint people to remind you all to have beautiful feet by taking the Gospel to everyone! Trace your feet on paper, and then turn these “feet” into people by adding hair, eyes, noses, mouths, etc. Use whatever craft materials you have on hand. 
  1. If you have girls, help make their feet “beautiful” by giving pedicures. Talk about what it really means to have beautiful feet while you are doing this. 
  1. Find a coloring page to go along with this lesson here.


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