A Bible Lesson for Families over Samson

We are on our second week of having to stay home from church due to COVID-19. This week, our family put together a video featuring the story of Samson and Delilah with the focus on the fact that our strength comes from God. Use this lesson as a way to talk to your kids about how we can have strength from God to help us deal with the difficult situations that come up in life. God is our refuge and strength — an ever present help in times of trouble!

Have a great week!


Opening Activities 

  1. Today we are talking about how our strength is from God – so let’s have some fun seeing who is the strongest in your family! Have an arm wrestling (or thumb wrestling) tournament. Give out a “prize” for first place. After the tournament, say: Wow, __________ is pretty strong! It can be fun to see how strong we are – but let’s focus today on TRUE strength, and, let’s always remember that TRUE strength comes from God! 
  1. People are often looking for ways to get stronger. Brainstorm with your family all the different things that people think will make them strong. Has anyone in your family ever tried any of these ways to get stronger? Discuss. Then say: These are all interesting ways to get strong! Today we are going to learn about someone who was very strong but his strength came from God! 
  1. Make some muscles grow! Draw a person on a microwave safe paper plate. Then put giant marshmallows on the “arms” to be muscles. Put the plate (with the marshmallows on it) in the microwave, heat up the plate, and watch the “muscles” grow! Say: Look how much the muscles grew! In today’s lesson we are going to talk about someone who was super strong and we are going to learn that TRUE strength comes from God? Are you ready? Let’s watch the video! 

The Lesson 


Discuss the following questions: 

  • Read Psalm 46 together. What stands out to you in this passage? 
  • How does knowing that God is your refuge and strength help you as you deal with difficult situations? 
  • What situations in your life are you going through where you need strength? 
  • Pray together asking God to be your refuge and strength in the situations you are facing individually and as a family 

Additional Activities 

  1. Print off the pdf below. If you are able, take a picture of each person in your family, print it off, and cut the head out. Glue the head on the picture of the muscles and color the rest of the page. (Another fun way to do this would be to cut the head and muscles out and glue them on a craft stick.) Talk about how God gives you strength as you are working on the project. (If you are unable to print off pictures, have everyone draw their face on the picture).  
  1. Use empty toilet paper tubes and aluminum foil to make your own barbells! 
  1. Use whatever snacks you have on hand to make barbells. (Examples include pretzel sticks and cheese cubes, grapes, or marshmallows.) 


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