Easter Lesson for Families

Easter might look a bit different this year, but the meaning of Easter stays the same! Make this Easter extra special for your family as you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Here’s a lesson you can use (feel free to adapt to best meet the needs of your family) to help your family focus on the true meaning of Easter. He is risen! Let’s CELEBRATE!

Celebrating with you,


Opening Activities 

  1. On the first Easter morning, an angel rolled the stone away from Jesus’s tomb. Have fun “rolling stones” today. Take aluminum foil and have each member of your family roll the aluminum foil into “stones”. Then have races seeing who can roll them across the room the fastest. Have fun with this and add your own variations as well! When you finish rolling the stones, say: Jesus died and was buried, but on the third day an angel rolled the stone away from the tomb and Jesus rose from the dead! We are going to talk more about that today. 
  1. Build a blanket fort “tomb” with your family. Have everyone crawl into the tomb and say: After Jesus died on the cross, he was buried in a tomb owned by a man named Joseph who was a secret follower of Jesus. On the third day after his death, however, Jesus ROSE from the dead! He came out of the tomb! Take turns going into the tomb, counting to three and then having “Jesus” come out of the tomb while everyone shouts, “Jesus rose from the dead!” 
  1. Beforehand, make your own “Resurrection Eggs”. Take some Easter eggs and fill them with items representing the death and resurrection of Jesus. Items you can use include the following: a nail (for Jesus being nailed to a cross), a piece of tissue (for the linens that were wrapped around Jesus), spices (for the spices the women were going to put on the body), a rock (for the stone rolled in front of the tomb), etc. Make sure one of the eggs is empty to represent the empty tomb! Hide these eggs around the house and have your kids go on an egg hunt! When all the eggs are found, bring them back and open them one at a time, discussing what each item means. Open the empty egg last and say: This egg is empty! Do you know why? It is because Jesus rose from the dead and his tomb is now EMPTY! That is what we are going to talk about today. 

The Lesson 

Show this week’s GamFam video 🙂


Read one of the accounts of the Resurrection of Jesus together. Today’s video was taken mainly from the account in Matthew 28:1-20 and Acts 1:1-11. After reading the Scripture together, use the following questions for further discussion: 

  • Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? 
  • What does the resurrection of Jesus mean to you? 
  • How does the resurrection of Jesus give us hope? 
  • What were the final instructions Jesus gave his disciples? 
  • How are you living out those instructions in your life? What are some things you can do as a family to share the Hope of the resurrection with the people around you? 

Spend time praying together for people you know who need Jesus. Ask God to show you ways to share the good news of the resurrection with those around you! 

(This is also a great time to share your testimony with your kids! Talk about how you became a Christian — who led you to Jesus, how Jesus has changed your life, what you hope they learn/understand about Jesus, etc.)

Additional Activities 

  1. Make resurrection rolls with your family!
  1. Use graham crackers, frosting, and colored candies (or fruit) to make crosses. Cover the graham crackers in frosting and then make a cross out of the colored candies/fruit.  
  1. Make a craft to go with today’s lesson. Use whatever you have on hand – be creative! 
  1. Act out the Resurrection of Jesus with your family! Make a video to share with others! (Feel free to share your videos in the raising godly kids facebook group.) 
  1. Have a praise party to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Make your own instruments, find some great songs, and sing and celebrate! 


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