A Preschool Lesson about Creation

This week our Preschool Bible lesson is about Creation. This is such an important message to share with our kids — God created EVERYTHING and the best thing He created was PEOPLE! This teaching is foundational and it is never too young to start emphasizing this truth! I hope this lesson will help you share this truth with your young children.

Keep Serving Him!


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A Preschool Lesson

God Created Everything

 God Created Everything Lesson (pdf)

Opening Activity:

Beforehand, gather a bunch of items and put them in a bag. These items should represent the days of creation. Examples of items you could use include: stuffed animals, mini-flashlight, stars, plants, tree bark, dolls or mini-figures. Make sure these are in a dark bag (or cloth bag). Play some music while the kids pass the bag around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag pulls one of the items out. Talk briefly about that item, ending by saying: That is an example of one of the things that God created! Today we are going to talk about how God created EVERYTHING! (Try to work this out so that every kid in the class gets an opportunity to pull something out of the bag).

The Lesson:

NOTE: This lesson is very interactive and, if you desire it to, could last most of the class period by itself (especially if you do the suggested outside activities as part of the lesson). Adapt it to fit your class as needed . . . just make sure to continually emphasize the main points – that God created everything and that WE are God’s most special creation!

Beforehand, prepare a large sheet of paper that you will use as a mural during this lesson. Gather the following materials: a flashlight, cotton balls, green construction paper (or pre-cut plants or leaves), pre-cut stars, crayons or markers, glue, scissors, a photograph of each kid in the class (optional)

Gather all the kids together in your story area and say, Sit down, I am going to tell you about what happened at the very beginning of the world!

Can you close your eyes? Close them REALLY tight! What do you see?

Do you see darkness? Keep your eyes closed! It’s dark and there’s nothing there, right? That’s what it was like in the very beginning, before God created anything. It was dark and there was NOTHING!

But then God CREATED! Open your eyes!

Hold up a flashlight and shine the light around the room. The first thing God created was light. Do you know how He created light? He SPOKE! He said, “Let there be light . . . and there was light. Turn the flashlight on and off a few times. Shine it in different areas. He created light and made day and night on the first day of creation!

On the second day of creation, God made the sky and water! Take out the cotton balls. Give each child a cotton ball. Have them bring the cotton ball over to the area where you have made your picture. Help them glue the cotton balls together on the mural to make puffy clouds. Talk about the clouds as you do this. If there are a lot of clouds out and it is a nice day, you might also want to take them outside and point out the clouds at this time. Also, add an area on the paper for water. Take a blue crayon and outline your “water.” You will use this later.

On the third day of creation, God created dirt and plants. Give each kid green construction paper (or, if they are really young, have these cut out in advance). Have the kids draw a plant on the paper, cut it out, and glue it on your mural Talk about the variety of plants while you are doing this. If it is a really nice day, take them outside and have them find some examples of plants (or wildflowers). Gather a bunch together and make a nice bouquet! Talk about how God created the plants while you are doing this.

On the fourth day of creation, God created the sun and stars! I know a song about stars. Can you sing it with me? Sing “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. Give each of the kids a cut out star and have them hold those stars up in the air as you sing the song again. Then have them glue their cut out star to the mural. Talk about the many, many stars there are in the sky and how God created all of them while you are doing this.

On the fifth day of creation, God created the fish and birds! Can you swim like a fish? Can you make fish lips? Let the kids try both of those activities. How about birds? Can you flap your wings like a bird? How about pretending you are flying like a bird? Have fun flapping your wings and “flying” like a bird. Then give the kids a minute to draw “fish” in the water and “birds” in the sky on your mural. Optional: give the kids a tiny snack of goldfish crackers at this point.

On the sixth day of creation, God created animals. What is your favorite animal? Let kids discuss. Let’s pretend to be animals. I am going to call out an animal and I want you to pretend to be that animal. Are you ready? Call out different animals and let the kids pretend to be those animals. Some examples include cats, dogs, lions, bears, kangaroos, dinosaurs, horses, etc. Then have the kids “gallop” over to the mural and draw pictures of animals (or provide animal stickers they can add). Optional: Give the kids animal crackers to eat at this point.

On the sixth day of creation, God also created His very favorite creation of all – people! God LOVES people, and made them more special than anything else in all of creation. WE are more special than plants, clouds, stars, and even animals!! We are the most special creation of all! Have the kids draw themselves on the mural (or, if you have pictures of each of the kids, have them glue those on at this time). You might also want to use one of these  “God Made Me Special” printables at this point, too. 

What did God do on the seventh day? He rested from all His work! And God wants us to rest, too. He wants us to take a day each week and think about Him. Let’s think about Him now and how glad we are that He created everything and that He loves us!

Let’s tell God how thankful we are that He created everything! Lead the kids in praying, thanking God for his creation. When you finish the prayer, have the kids shout out (on the count of 6 – for six days of creation – Thank you, God!)

What did God do on the seventh day? He rested! And it is time for us to rest, too.

Additional Activities:

1. Provide playdough and playdough tools. Let the kids have fun making examples of all that God created. You can even split this up by days – for example, “On day 6, God created animals! What animal can you make from this playdough?”

2. If you did not go outside as part of the lesson, take a nature walk together now. Walk outside and help the kids point out all the different things they see that God created. Examine items up close . . . let the kids use all their senses – “What do you see?” “Let’s be really quiet. What do you hear? Can you hear some birds? How about a cricket?” “What do you smell? Can you smell this flower? How about the nearby farm?” “Come touch this grass. What does it feel like? Is it soft? Isn’t it neat how God made so many different things – but WE are the most special of all His creation!”

3. There are many, many, many craft ideas for days of creation! Choose your favorite and let the kids “create”.

4. God created dirt and plants. Help your kids plant flowers, or provide cups of dirt and seeds and have them “plant” their own seeds in the cups. Encourage them to take them home and watch these plants grow.

5. Let the kids make their own fun creation paintings! Provide cotton balls and paint. (Make a paint pallet for each child by squeezing a tiny area of each color of paint on a paper plate). The kids will use the cotton balls to paint their pictures! Have them dip a cotton ball in the color paint they want to use and then use that cotton ball to draw on their paper! (Make sure you give them a cotton ball for each color of paint). Let the kids have fun with this and talk with them about their “creations” as they are painting.


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