Friday Family Bible Time: Creation Day 2

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September 19, 2014

Welcome to Friday Family Bible Time!   This week we are on the second day of creation — God separated the waters from the waters and made heaven and earth.  Our study for this week is going to focus on two passages of Scripture — Genesis 1:6-8 and Isaiah 66:1-2.   God made the heavens and the earth, and He is so powerful that the heavens serve as His throne and the earth is merely a footstool.  Wrap your minds around that one!

Our God is a GREAT BIG GOD!!  Which reminds me of a song . . . .

And now, here is this week’s study.    The link to the printable pdf is below, or just keep scrolling and find it in this post.

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Have a great week!


Family Time (pdf)

Family Bible Time Week 2

Topic: Creation Day 2

Theme: God separated the waters from the waters and made heaven and earth. God does not need us to make anything for him – but He wants us to have a humble and contrite heart.

Before reading the Scriptures, choose half of your family to serve as footstools for the other half. The ones that are serving as footstools should make themselves really small and go near the ones who are not footstools. The ones who are not footstools should sit on a chair or couch and put their feet on the ones who are footstools. Have them stay this way while someone reads the following Scriptures. After you have read the Scriptures, you may want to have everyone switch positions and read them again. Then have everyone go back to normal and continue with the study.


Genesis 1:6-8
Isaiah 66:1-2

Discussion Questions:

1.  What did God create on the second day of creation?
2.  What do you think the Bible means when it says, “Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool”?
3.  Is it possible for us to make anything that can contain God? Explain.
4.  How did everything come into being?
5.  What qualities does God want us to have in our lives (hint: Is. 66:2)?
6.  How did it feel when you were the one serving as a footstool? What were you thinking? Would you want to keep    being a footstool for a long time?
7.  How is being a footstool similar to being humble and having a contrite spirit?
8.  What does it mean to tremble at the Word of the Lord?

Activities: (choose from this list, or come up with one of your own. Do as few or as many as you want.)

1.  Work together to build a house or a fort out of whatever materials you have available. You may choose to use blocks, cushions, sticks, etc. When you are finished, look the fort over. Then ask, “Do you think God could live in this fort?” Discuss how God is so big that He doesn’t need us to make Him a home . . . in fact, He made us a home when He made the earth!
earth2.  On day two of creation, God separated the waters and made heaven and earth. How hard is it to separate water from water? Let your family find out. Get a pan and fill it with water. Then try to separate it into two different sections – without removing the water from the pan. Is it possible for you to do it? Our God is an awesome, powerful God!
3.  If you have a musical family, sing “Humble Yourself in the Sight of the Lord” or another song about being humble. You can use this one if you want:

4.  If you have an artistic family, make an actual footstool. (or you can draw a picture of a footstool if it is too hard to make one.) Decorate the footstool with pictures to remind you of the Bible lesson, or write Is. 66:1-2 on it. Here is an idea of how to make a footstool with kids.

5.  Make a paper mache earth. Then discuss how God created the earth so that it is perfect to live on, yet it is so small that compared to Him, it is like a footstool! You can make a paper mache earth by blowing up a balloon and then putting old newspapers around it. You can then paint it to look like an earth. This project may take a whole week. For even more fun, make it a paper mache earth pinata. Then you can stuff it with candy and break it open on your last day . . . a reminder of how small the earth really is compared to God. Here are instructions on how to make a paper mache pinata:

Prayer Time:

earth-from-spaceearth-from-spaceGod made the perfect home for us when He made the earth. Play a game of “spin the globe” for your prayer time. Take out a globe and spin it, placing your fingers in random spots. Wherever your finger lands, pray for that nation. You can extend this by researching the countries to find out specific things to pray for. Pray for that particular  country (or countries) every day this week. If you do not have a globe, use a virtual one:

Outreach Ideas:

Serving as a family can be a powerful experience. Choose an activity to serve together this week as a practical way to live out your faith. Examples include the following:

1.  Take care of the earth God created – pick up garbage in your neighborhood or at a local park.
2.  Give away free bottles of water to people you see at the park. Place a Bible verse tag on each water bottle, or invite them to church with you.
3.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Eat the meal that you serve . . . with the people who are eating there.
4.  God does not need a church to live in . . . but you still have a church to take care of.  Volunteer to clean your church or do some other act of service around your local church.

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