A Mother’s Day Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Happy Mother’s Day! This is a lesson that you can use with your preschoolers on Mother’s Day based on the story of Hannah. I hope you enjoy it!


Opening Activity:

Play a matching memory game with babies and their mamas! Beforehand, print off the pictures included at the end of this lesson. Cut them out and glue them onto construction paper or card stock. Place them all face down on the table or floor in the room and then play the game just like memory . . . only the kids are matching babies to their mamas!

For added fun, get pictures of each of the kids in your class and their moms and add those pictures to the game as well!

When you finish, say: Aren’t you glad that God made moms to love us and take care of us? What do you like the most about your mom? (Discuss)

The Lesson:

Say: A long time ago, there was a woman named Hannah. Hannah really wanted to be a mom. She wanted to have a child to take care of – one that she would love and tell about God. She really, really wanted to be a mom!

When moms first have babies, they can hold those babies in their arms like this (pretend to be rocking a baby in your arms). Can you do that? (Have the kids practice that)

Hannah wanted to have a baby that she could rock back and forth like this! But the years went by and she and her husband still did not have any children. Hannah was still not a mom. This made her very sad!

How do you look when you are sad? Show me your saddest face.

One day, Hannah went to the temple. She went there to pray and ask God to make her a mom! She prayed and prayed! What do you look like when you pray? Show me! (Have the kids act like they are praying).

Hannah kept praying. Do you remember what she was asking God for? That’s right, she was asking God to make her a mom. She was asking God for a baby! And she promised God that if he gave her a baby, she would give that baby back to God! She would bring her baby to the temple and have this baby grow up serving God in the temple!

While she was praying, the priest saw her. He went over to talk to her and Hannah told him that she was praying. The priest could see that she cared very deeply about what she was praying about and he said, “May God grant whatever request it is you are asking of Him.”

Well, Hannah went home. Guess what happened? God answered her prayer! She became a mom! That made her very happy. How do you look when you are happy? (Have the kids show happy faces). Sometimes when I’m happy, I want to jump up and down. Can you do that? (Have the kids jump up and down in happiness!)

When the baby was born, Hannah named him Samuel. Do you remember what she promised God about this baby? That’s right, she promised that this baby would serve God! And she kept that promise. When Samuel was old enough, she took him to the temple and he served God there until he was an old man!

Hannah was a mom who helped her child serve God! That was a special thing Hannah did. What special things does your mom do for you?

Discuss special things that our moms do for us. Then write on a large piece of paper “One thing my mom does for me is . . .” and have the kids draw or write something that their moms do for them. If you have kids that are not living with their moms, let them substitute another special person in their life (grandma, dad, foster parent, etc).

When the kids have finished their drawings, say Wow! Your moms do a lot of great things for you! Have you ever told them “thank you?” What are some special things you can do for your mom?

Flip the paper over and write, “One thing I can do for my mom is . . .” and have the kids draw or write something they can do for their moms. Encourage them to carry that out this week!

Close this time by praying for the kids’ moms (by name if possible).

Additional Activities:

Help your kids make a special Mother’s Day craft for their moms! Choose from one of the following (or come up with your own)

1. Make a handprint bouquet. Help the kids trace their hands on different color papers and then glue them together on a piece of paper to make a bouquet. Help them draw stems and leaves and anything else they want to add. (You could also use paint and make painted handprints instead of tracing and cutting them out. Messier, but easier in the long run.)

2. Help the kids make homemade mother’s day cards for their moms. Give them paper, crayons, and other art items. Let them make their own cards or give them some direction. One fun way is to say “One thing I like about my mom is . . . .” and let the kids fill that in.

3. Have the kids draw pictures of their moms and them side by side. Help them write “I love my Mom” and “Happy Mother’s Day” on the picture.

4. Help the kids plant real live flowers for their moms! Supply flowers and small flower pots. If you can find flower pots that the kids can paint/decorate that would be best. Let the kids decorate the flower pots by painting them or even painting their handprints on them. Then help the kids choose a flower and transplant it to the pot. Help them put their own dirt in their pots and then help them plant the flower. This is another messy project, but it could be a lot of fun!!

5. Make a photo craft for Mother’s Day! Take pictures of the kids and add it to whatever craft you want to make as a gift for mom. Moms love pictures of their kids, so this is one craft that will probably NOT get thrown away!

6. Have your kids fill out one of these God Made My Mom Special Printables. For even more fun, collect these and make a special bulletin board in the church celebrating all the moms!


Help the kids make an easy fruit flower snack. They can make one for themselves to eat and then one to give to their moms! (Note: You can also use a clear cup instead of a strawberry for the flower pot).


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