A Mother’s Day Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

*FREE* preschool Bible lesson for Mother’s Day including printable memory game! Use this with your youngest kids this Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! This is a lesson that you can use with your preschoolers on Mother’s Day based on the story of Hannah. I hope you enjoy it!


Opening Activity:

Play a matching memory game with babies and their mamas! Beforehand, print off the pictures included at the end of this lesson. Cut them out and glue them onto construction paper or card stock. Place them all face down on the table or floor in the room and then play the game just like memory . . . only the kids are matching babies to their mamas!

For added fun, get pictures of each of the kids in your class and their moms and add those pictures to the game as well!

When you finish, say: Aren’t you glad that God made moms to love us and take care of us? What do you like the most about your mom? (Discuss)

The Lesson:

Say: A long time ago, there was a woman named Hannah. Hannah really wanted to be a mom. She wanted to have a child to take care of – one that she would love and tell about God. She really, really wanted to be a mom!

When moms first have babies, they can hold those babies in their arms like this (pretend to be rocking a baby in your arms). Can you do that? (Have the kids practice that)

Hannah wanted to have a baby that she could rock back and forth like this! But the years went by and she and her husband still did not have any children. Hannah was still not a mom. This made her very sad!

How do you look when you are sad? Show me your saddest face.

One day, Hannah went to the temple. She went there to pray and ask God to make her a mom! She prayed and prayed! What do you look like when you pray? Show me! (Have the kids act like they are praying).

Hannah kept praying. Do you remember what she was asking God for? That’s right, she was asking God to make her a mom. She was asking God for a baby! And she promised God that if he gave her a baby, she would give that baby back to God! She would bring her baby to the temple and have this baby grow up serving God in the temple!

While she was praying, the priest saw her. He went over to talk to her and Hannah told him that she was praying. The priest could see that she cared very deeply about what she was praying about and he said, “May God grant whatever request it is you are asking of Him.”

Well, Hannah went home. Guess what happened? God answered her prayer! She became a mom! That made her very happy. How do you look when you are happy? (Have the kids show happy faces). Sometimes when I’m happy, I want to jump up and down. Can you do that? (Have the kids jump up and down in happiness!)

When the baby was born, Hannah named him Samuel. Do you remember what she promised God about this baby? That’s right, she promised that this baby would serve God! And she kept that promise. When Samuel was old enough, she took him to the temple and he served God there until he was an old man!

Hannah was a mom who helped her child serve God! That was a special thing Hannah did. What special things does your mom do for you?

Discuss special things that our moms do for us. Then write on a large piece of paper “One thing my mom does for me is . . .” and have the kids draw or write something that their moms do for them. If you have kids that are not living with their moms, let them substitute another special person in their life (grandma, dad, foster parent, etc).

When the kids have finished their drawings, say Wow! Your moms do a lot of great things for you! Have you ever told them “thank you?” What are some special things you can do for your mom?

Flip the paper over and write, “One thing I can do for my mom is . . .” and have the kids draw or write something they can do for their moms. Encourage them to carry that out this week!

Close this time by praying for the kids’ moms (by name if possible).

Additional Activities:

Help your kids make a special Mother’s Day craft for their moms! Choose from one of the following (or come up with your own)

1. Make a handprint bouquet. Help the kids trace their hands on different color papers and then glue them together on a piece of paper to make a bouquet. Help them draw stems and leaves and anything else they want to add. (You could also use paint and make painted handprints instead of tracing and cutting them out. Messier, but easier in the long run.)

2. Help the kids make homemade mother’s day cards for their moms. Give them paper, crayons, and other art items. Let them make their own cards or give them some direction. One fun way is to say “One thing I like about my mom is . . . .” and let the kids fill that in.

3. Have the kids draw pictures of their moms and them side by side. Help them write “I love my Mom” and “Happy Mother’s Day” on the picture.

4. Help the kids plant real live flowers for their moms! Supply flowers and small flower pots. If you can find flower pots that the kids can paint/decorate that would be best. Let the kids decorate the flower pots by painting them or even painting their handprints on them. Then help the kids choose a flower and transplant it to the pot. Help them put their own dirt in their pots and then help them plant the flower. This is another messy project, but it could be a lot of fun!!

5. Make a photo craft for Mother’s Day! Take pictures of the kids and add it to whatever craft you want to make as a gift for mom. Moms love pictures of their kids, so this is one craft that will probably NOT get thrown away!

6. Have your kids fill out one of these God Made My Mom Special Printables. For even more fun, collect these and make a special bulletin board in the church celebrating all the moms!


Help the kids make an easy fruit flower snack. They can make one for themselves to eat and then one to give to their moms! (Note: You can also use a clear cup instead of a strawberry for the flower pot).


I Can Be a Servant: A Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Teach your kids to serve with this easy to use lesson for preschoolers over John 13:5-20. Includes ideas for games, snacks & crafts!

I hope you are able to use this Bible lesson for preschoolers over John 13:5-20. This lesson teaches kids that they should serve one another — just like Jesus served His disciples when He washed their feet. Please feel free to adapt if however you need to in order to best meet the needs of your group.



i can be a servant_ a bible lesson based on john 13_5-20

I can be a servant preschool lesson pdf

Opening Activities:

1. Have a fun race to start your time together! Line the kids up and then have them run to a particular spot in the room. Have a towel waiting for them. They have to put the towel around their waists (holding it there is fine) and then run back to the starting line. (If you are doing this as a relay race, when they get back, the next person runs.) Do this several times to see how fast the kids can accomplish this task. When you are finished, say: You did a great job running with this towel around you! What are some things you do with a towel? Today we are going to talk about someone who used a towel to serve others . . . and we can serve others, too!

2. Beforehand, cut some feet out of cardstock. Line the feet up at one side of the room. Then give your kids beanbags (or something similar) and have them try to toss their beanbags so that they land on the feet. Each time, pretend the beanbag is something disgusting that you would not want to step on (for example, say: Let’s pretend this beanbag is a mudpuddle! Can you get your mudpuddle to land on the foot? If they are successful, say: Oohh . . . now this foot is really dirty! It has yucky mud all over it!) When you finish the game, say: Wow! We got these feet really, really dirty! Who would want to clean up these dirty feet? That is not a job that sounds fun at all – it certainly is not a job that I would want to have . . . but sometimes we need to do those jobs that no one else wants to do. We need to be SERVANTS! Today, we are going to talk about someone who did just that.

The Lesson:

Needed: bowel/bucket of water and a towel

Gather all the kids together for the lesson time. Say: Can I see your feet? Hold your feet up for me! (Give the kids time to hold them up). Let’s see what kind of fun things we can do with our feet! Can you hop on one foot? (Lead the kids in doing this). Can you stomp your feet really hard? (Lead the kids in doing this). How fast can you run in place like this? (Demonstrate running in place. Then let the kids try to run in place).

Have the kids sit back down. Say: We do all sorts of things with our feet! Our feet can get really dirty and stinky, too! Jesus and his disciples had feet that got dirty and stinky – and they really needed to be washed. Let me tell you what happened.

One day, Jesus and his disciples were going to eat a special meal together. Now, before they ate this meal, it was right for someone to wash their feet. Their feet got really dirty because they walked everywhere with sandals on! Normally, the servant in the house would be the one to wash everyone’s feet, but there wasn’t a servant at this house! There was nobody to wash the disciples’ feet!

Take out the bowl of water and the towel. Say: Do you know what happened next? JESUS got up and took a towel and a bowl of water and he started to wash everyone’s feet! Walk around to each kid, kneel down and hold their feet up, one at a time. Talk as you are holding their feet. He washed Andrew’s feet, he washed Matthew’s feet, he washed James and John’s feet! He washed all 12 of the disciples feet. It was a dirty, stinky job . . . not a job that everyone would like to have.

Jesus showed the disciples that NO job was too yucky for them to do . . . and no job is too yucky for us, either! Jesus showed the disciples what it meant to be a SERVANT – what it meant to serve other people. Jesus was a servant, and we should be a servant, too!

What are some ways that we can serve others? Encourage the kids to answer this question. If they have trouble answering, help them come up with some answers.

Help the kids trace their feet on a piece of paper. Inside the outline of their feet, have them draw or write ways that they can serve others. Lead the kids in praying for opportunities to serve others this week. (Optional: draw an outline of a foot on paper beforehand and have the kids draw or write their ways to serve inside of that outline).

Additional Activities:

1. Make a craft using the verse from Galatians 5:12, “Serve one another in love”. First, have the kids trace their feet (barefoot if possible) on colorful paper. Then, write “Serve one another in” on top of the page (or on a bulletin board) and have the kids write the word “LOVE” using their feet to make the “V”. Let them decorate the rest of the page/bulletin board.

2. Give the kids a chance to do a service activity in your classroom! Give each kid a rag (or baby wipe) and have them look for areas that need to be cleaned up! Encourage them to “dust” toys, books, tables, walls, etc. If you can, take them to other areas of the building and have them clean. Let them know that they can be a servant wherever they are!

3. Eat a fun snack to help the kids remember the lesson about Jesus washing his disciple’s feet! You need teddy grahams and vanilla pudding. Put some vanilla pudding in a bowl for each of the kids. Then give them teddy grahams. The teddy grahams are the disciples! Have the kids dip the teddy grahams feet in the pudding to remind them of how Jesus washed the disciples feet! (Add blue food coloring if you want to make the pudding look more like water).

4. Make “fake mud” with the kids. Mix 1 cup flour and 1 ¼ cup water in a bowl. Add cocoa powder until the mud reaches the desired darkness. You can also crunch up chocolate cookies and mix them into the mud if you’d like. Once you have made your fake mud, let the kids play with it! You might even choose to have them “paint” with it (perhaps a cutout foot). Talk about how mud is messy . . . just like the disciples feet! But Jesus washed them, anyway. He was a servant, and we can be servants too!


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25 Days of Scriptures & Activities for Christmas

Free calendar and lesson plan with 25 Scriptures and Activities for Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Today I have a new reading schedule for Christmas! This schedule has 25 days with 25 different Scriptures and suggested activities. You can download in a calendar format or as a lesson plan with more detailed instructions . . . or, scroll down, and find the whole thing on this page! (Tip: If you use the calendar, you might want to have your child color in each space as you go to keep track of your progress!)

I hope you are able to use this with your family this Christmas!

Keep serving Jesus!


25 Days of Christmas (Advent Calendar pdf)


25 Days of Christmas Scriptures & Activities (full instructions pdf)

December 1st:

  • Read John 1:1-5, 14
  • Turn off all the lights in your house. Then plug in your Christmas lights. Notice how the light shines in the darkness – the same way Jesus did and the same way we should! Don’t have your Christmas tree up yet? Light a candle!
  • Sing “Here I am to Worship”
  • Make a Christmas Candle Paper Craft. 

December 2nd:

  • Read Isaiah 11:1, Jeremiah 23:5-6 & Matthew 1:1
  • These verses show us the prophecy that Jesus would be from the line of David – and the fulfillment of that prophecy! Jesus’s earthly parents were both descended from David. David was in his family tree! Use your Christmas tree to explain the idea of a “family tree”. Start at the top of your tree – if David was the top branch of the tree, his son (Solomon) was the branch right under him . . . and so on . . . Go all the way until you get to the bottom of the tree . . . then Jesus came along! He is the most important branch on this tree! The one who holds the whole tree up! Without Jesus, this tree would fall down. Jesus is the foundation of this tree – just like He should be the foundation of our lives!
  • Make a Christmas tree craft for your tree.
  • Eat Christmas tree snack cakes!
  • Check out this fun genealogy song:  

December 3rd:

  • Read Isaiah 7:10-14
  • This is another prophecy about Jesus! According to these verses, Jesus was going to be called Immanuel, which means God with us! Isn’t it amazing to think of God living right among us as a baby? That’s exactly what happened!
  • When people are expecting a baby, they often have a baby shower – a special party to celebrate the fact that a baby is coming. Have a baby shower for Jesus today! Eat cupcakes, drink punch, and celebrate!
  • Go out and buy a new baby shower gift – diapers, an outfit, anything at all! Take this gift to your local Pregnancy Resource Center to be used to help pregnant moms who could use the extra help!
  • Make an Immanuel craft.  

December 4th:

  • Read Luke 1:26-38
  • Mary was chosen to be the earthly mom of Jesus! She wasn’t sure how this was going to happen, but she trusted God and did what He wanted her to do. Who told Mary that she was going to be the mother of Jesus? The angel Gabriel. If you have a nativity scene, act out this passage using your Mary and angel pieces. If you don’t have a nativity scene, you can use dolls, minifigures, or even yourselves!
  • Make an angel craft.  
  • Make an angel snack craft using bugles and pretzels.  

December 5th:

  • Read Matthew 1:18-25
  • Yesterday we read Mary’s story. Here’s Joseph’s! Joseph also did what God told him to do – even though it seemed to go against what he thought he should do at first! He also trusted God. Do you trust God? Are you willing to obey Him no matter what?
  • Joseph was also visited by an angel! Make another angel craft – this one using paint and your child’s handprints! Use handprints for the wings and body and then draw (or glue a circle cut out of paper) for the head. Let your child draw the facial features and anything else he/she wants to add to the picture.
  • Eat angel food cake!

December 6th:

  • Read Isaiah 9:2, 6-7
  • Here is a birth announcement for Jesus – hundreds of years before he was born! Look at the names that are used for Jesus in these verses. Write the names on index cards and hide each card somewhere in your room. Send your child on a “Name of Jesus” search. Each time he/she finds an index card with a name of Jesus on it, stop and talk about what that name means. Play this game as many times as your child wants!
  • Find a fun song for these verses here:  

December 7th:

  • Read Micah 5:2-5
  • Here’s another prophecy – this one telling us where Jesus was going to be born – hundreds of years before his birth! Where does Micah say Jesus will be born? The town of Bethlehem!
  • Make your own little town of Bethlehem using gingerbread houses.  

Use graham crackers, frosting, and candy to make your own little town of Bethlehem

December 8th:

  • Read Luke 2:1-7
  • Here we see the fulfillment of yesterday’s Scripture. Mary and Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem for the census, and while they are there, Jesus is born!
  • Make a baby Jesus snack using string cheese and ham! Cut the string cheese in half and wrap the ham around it . . . just like Mary wrapped baby Jesus in swaddling clothes. Go even further and make a manger out of pretzels and use shoestring potatoes for straw! Put baby Jesus in the manger!

December 9th:

  • Read Luke 2:8-20
  • Make candy cane cookies to remind you of the shepherds’ staffs! Don’t want to make cookies? Eat a candy cane instead!
  • Act this passage of Scripture out using your nativity scene (or anything else you have)

December 10th:

  • Read Luke 2:21-38
  • Jesus is now 8 days old and he is presented at the temple – where he meets two people who have been waiting for the Messiah to be born! How do you think Simeon and Anna felt when they saw Jesus?
  • It was at this time when Jesus was given his name. Make a name of Jesus ornament for your tree! One way you can do this is to cut 5 circles out of different colored construction paper. Put one letter of Jesus’s name on each circle using glitter, stickers, markers, paint, or anything else you have on hand! Punch a hole in each circle and tie them together with ribbon. Hang it on your Christmas tree!

December 11th:

  • Read Psalm 72:8-13
  • Another prophecy! This one prophecies the kings coming to visit Jesus and bringing Him gifts!
  • Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? Wrap some of your presents and put them under the tree!
  • Make a homemade gift for someone who could use some cheering up. Wrap it up and take it to that person!

December 12th:

  • Read Matthew 2:1-12
  • The Magi saw the star and followed that star to find Jesus! Make a star craft for your tree. Cut a star shape out of any type of paper and give your child craft supplies to decorate it. Punch a hole in the top and use ribbon to attach it to the tree!
  • Play “follow the star”. Similar to follow the leader, except one of you is the “star”. You could even make a star and hold that star up as you lead. Have fun following the star to Bethlehem!

December 13th:

  • Read Hosea 11:1, Matthew 2:13-14
  • King Herod did not like the fact that a new king was born and Jesus was in danger! Joseph was warned in a dream, and the family quickly left for Egypt. Find Egypt on a map. Find Bethlehem. Discuss the trip they took to get to safety.
  • Jesus was a King! Make a crown ornament for you tree. Trace the shape of a crown on hard paper, cut it out and let your child decorate it. Use ribbon to attach it to the tree.

December 14th:

  • Read Jeremiah 31:15, Matthew 2:16-18
  • This is a very sad passage of Scripture, but it is part of what happened when Jesus came to earth as a baby. Talk with your child about the terrible things that happened because of Herod’s hatred towards Jesus. Herod did not value human life at all – and today, many people still do not value human life. But we know that every life is precious because every person was made in the image of God.
  • Spend time today praying for people to realize that every life is precious!

December 15th:

  • Read Luke 2:39-40
  • Now they are living in Nazareth, where Jesus grew up. Jesus grew up . . . just like you are growing up. Talk about some of the things that Jesus may have done as a child. What things are similar to what you do? What things are different?
  • What do you think it was like to be the brother or sister of Jesus? Mary and Joseph had other kids after Jesus was born . . . can you imagine having Jesus as a big brother? Help your child write (or draw) what that would have been like.

December 16th:

  • Read Philippians 2:5-11
  • Jesus humbled himself – he became like a servant – and we need to be servants, too! What are some ways that you can serve the people around you? Look for ways to be a servant today.
  • Someday every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that Jesus is Lord! Eat fruit roll ups today (let the fruit roll ups remind you of tongues!)

December 17th:

  • Read Matthew 26:47-56
  • Now we are getting to the reason Jesus came to earth. He came to die for our sins! This passage talks about what happened when Jesus was arrested.
  • Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Make a snack using pretzels, Hershey kisses, and red and green m&ms. Put one kiss in the center of each pretzel. Cook them in an oven (350 degrees) for 3 minutes. Place an m&m on each kiss and push it down. Let it cool. Now you have a Christmas snack you can eat that can also remind you of the night Jesus was betrayed.

December 18th:

  • Read Matthew 27:33-54
  • Make a cross ornament for your Christmas tree
  • Use pretzel rods to make a cross snack! Melt chocolate chips (or white chocolate) and dip the pretzel rods in the melted chocolate first. Then add sprinkles. Let it harden and then eat your snack.

December 19th:

  • Read Matthew 27:57-66
  • Jesus died on that cross and then he was placed in a tomb. A rock was placed in front of the tomb. Paint a rock today. Add it to your Christmas decorations.
  • Use playdough to make a tomb. Put your painted rock in front of it. Leave it there overnight.

December 20:

  • Read Matthew 28:1-10
  • Yay! Jesus is alive! Have a race to see who can get to Jesus’s tomb first . . . designate a place as the tomb and have races to see who can get there first!
  • Make empty tomb crescent roll snacks. Roll a marshmallow in sugar and cinnamon, place the marshmallow inside a crescent roll, cook the crescent roll according to package instructions. When you take it out of the oven, the marshmallow should be gone!

December 21st:

  • Read John 20:19-31
  • Make a wreath showing the life of Christ! Use a paper plate, ribbon, and muffin tins. Cut out the center of the paper plate. On the muffin tins, draw a different scene from Jesus’s life. Some things to include could be his birth, the shepherds and angels, the wise men, his crucifixion, and an empty tomb. Glue the muffin tins around the outside of the paper plate. Put a bow on the top and you now have your own wreath!
  • Find some nails. Tie them together with ribbon and hang them on your tree to remind you of Jesus’s sacrifice.

December 22nd:

  • Read Acts 1:1-9
  • Jesus wants us to be his witnesses to the whole world! Make a world ornament today. Use a plain glass or plastic ornament, a map of the world, and mod podge. Cut several circles out of your map of the world and then mod podge them onto the ornament. If you’d like, add a cross over the map to remind you to take the Gospel into the whole world. Tie a ribbon through the top and add this to your tree.
  • Going into the whole world starts with your own neighborhood! Make Christmas Cookies and pass them out to your neighbors. Add a homemade card with a Bible verse or an invitation to come to church with you. Deliver them to your neighbors!

December 23rd:

  • Read Romans 5:6-11
  • Jesus died for you! Make a beaded ornament to remind you of what Jesus did for us! Use a pipe cleaner and add beads for the following colors: Black: sin, Red: the blood of Jesus, Blue: Baptism, White: Jesus cleanses us from our sins, Green: growing in Jesus, Yellow: the promise of heaven. Do those colors in the same order over and over until the pipe cleaner is filled. Shape it to be a circle (wreath) and attach it together. Add a ribbon and tie it on the tree.
  • Make a photo ornament craft.  

December 24th:

  • Read Acts 2:37-47
  • Make church window cookies to remind you of the importance of meeting together as a church! Melt one bag (or more) of chocolate chips in a pan on the stove. Allow it to cool a little and then add an equal amount of bags of mini colored marshmallows. Mix it together. Then split the mixture up into rolls on waxed paper and put them in the refrigerator to harden (at least 24 hours). Take them out, unwrap them, and slice them and you have yummy church window cookies!
  • Buy presents and take them to someone who is in need!

December 25th:

  • Read John 3:16-17
  • Spend time today thanking Jesus for his gift to us!
  • Merry Christmas!!


Looking for a great Christmas gift for your kids this year? Check out this fun devotional!


Looking for some fun — yet challenging — lessons for your kids? Try this one:

Bold_ A 10 Week Study for Churches and Families

Jesus is the Best Gift: A Christmas Lesson for Preschoolers

A FREE Bible Lesson for preschoolers to help introduce the true meaning of Christmas!

This is a lesson for preschoolers that introduces the true meaning of Christmas. It looks at two of the prophecies about the birth of Jesus and also ties in John 3:16. I hope you are able to use this with your youngest kids this Christmas season!

Have a great Christmas, and keep serving Jesus!


A Christmas Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Jesus is the Best Gift Preschool Lesson (printable pdf)

 Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:1-2, John 3:16

Opening Activities:

1. Beforehand, have a small Christmas tree set up in the corner of your room. As the kids arrive, give them different ornaments and decorations to help decorate the tree. Play Christmas music as they are doing this. Say: Christmas is coming soon! It is fun to decorate for Christmas and to celebrate Christmas, isn’t it? And it’s fun to get and give gifts on Christmas day! Today we are going to talk about the greatest gift of all! (If you don’t want to have a Christmas tree set up, you could do the same thing with a bulletin board. Draw a Christmas tree and have the kids draw/color/glue decorations on that tree.)

2. What gifts do you want to get for Christmas? What is the best present you’ve ever gotten? Give the kids a copy of the present from the end of this lesson. Help them draw a picture inside the present of something they think would be the best present ever. Talk about their drawings. Then say: Today we are going to talk about what really, truly was the best gift ever!

The Lesson:

Needed: several stockings, each stuffed with a different “baby” item (examples include a diaper, baby bottle, can of baby food, a rattle, a onesie, etc), a wrapped present containing a cross for each child (the cross could be as simple as one cut out of paper), blocks or graham crackers & frosting (or any other type of “building” material).

Gather all the kids together and have them sit in a circle on the floor. Say: Today we are going to learn about a very special gift that God gave us. I wonder if you can guess what this gift was. Let’s play a game and see if you can guess!

Take out the first stocking. Have the kids pass the stocking around while you play music (Christmas music would be great). When the music stops, whoever is holding the stocking should reach inside and pull out the item. Put the item on the table where all the kids can see it and then play again until all the stockings have been opened and all the items are on the table.

Talk briefly about all the items. Say: Can anyone guess what the gift was that God gave? What do all these items remind you of? Let the kids guess. Say: A baby! God’s very special gift was a very special baby that was born many, many years ago. This baby was Jesus – God’s son. On Christmas, we celebrate the day that Jesus was born and we remember how God gave us the best gift of all when He gave us Jesus!

Hold up your Bible. This book tells us all about Jesus! Hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth as a baby, some people told exactly where He would be born and what He would be named. A man named Isaiah told that Jesus would be called Immanuel, which means God with us. Can you say Immanuel? Let kids repeat it. Clap the syllables with the kids. Say: Another man named Micah told that Jesus would be born in a town called Bethlehem. Can you say Bethlehem? Let kids repeat it. Clap the syllables.

Both of those happened! Jesus was Immanuel – God with us – and He was born in the town of Bethlehem! Let’s make our own town of Bethlehem! (Take out the blocks – or whatever materials you are using — and help the kids make buildings and other items that represent a town. You might also choose to use graham crackers and frosting and make an edible town. Have fun with this activity – and be sure to say, several times, that Jesus was born in the little town of Bethlehem – just like the prophet Micah said he would be!)

Use graham crackers, frosting, and candy to make your own little town of Bethlehem

When you are finished making Bethlehem, gather the kids together again to finish the lesson.

Take out the presents. Jesus was a very special gift. He never did anything wrong! He lived a perfect life, and when He grew up, He gave us an even greater gift. Do you know what that gift was? There’s a hint in these presents. Let’s open them and see!

Give each child a present. Let them open it up to reveal the cross inside. Say: When Jesus was older, He took the punishment for every wrong thing we have ever done by dying on a cross. That’s what this cross is for! This cross can help us think about and remember that Jesus died for us!

Jesus died and was buried, but three days after He died, He rose from the dead! He was alive again and many people saw Him, talked to Him, and ate with Him! Jesus is alive today and He is getting heaven ready for us. One day, we can go to heaven and be with Jesus.

You see, Jesus truly was – and is – the greatest gift of all!

Read John 3:16 from your Bible.

Additional Activities:

1. Make your own gingerbread Bethlehem houses. (You could start this during the lesson by helping the kids make the outline of the house with the graham crackers and then after the lesson, bring out the rest of the candy and frosting and let them finish their Bethlehem house.) 

2. Help the kids make a baby Jesus ornament using a paper plate for their Christmas trees.  Help the kids make the faces themselves (as best they can – you can have the circles cut out and let them draw the faces on with a marker) and let the kids color the paper plates. Use Isaiah 7:14 or John 3:16 as the Bible verse. Help the kids add their ornaments to your class Christmas tree!

3. Make an “Emmanuel” God with us craft with your kids.  


Bold_ A 10 Week Study for Churches and Families


I can Follow Jesus: A Preschool Bible Lesson

FREE Bible Lesson to teach your youngest kids about following Jesus!

Enjoy this lesson based on Matthew 4:18-22, when Jesus calls his disciples to follow Him. I hope this will help your kids learn that they, too, can follow Jesus and become fishers of men!

Keep serving Jesus!


I Can Follow Jesus! 

I can Follow Jesus Preschool Lesson (printable pdf)

Opening Activities:

1. Play a game of follow the leader! Walk around your room (or take your kids on a field trip around your building) and have the follow you wherever you go – doing whatever it is you are doing. Have lots of fun with this! If your kids are old enough, let them take turns being a leader. When you have finished the activity, say: In this game, you had to follow me very carefully! You had to do exactly what I did – and you did a GREAT job! Jesus wants us to follow Him, too! When we follow Jesus, we do exactly what he tells us to do. Are you a follower of Jesus?

2. Play follow the leader with a slight variation. Set up a short obstacle course in your room. Have the kids complete the obstacle course – but they have to do it exactly like the person in front of them does (they have to FOLLOW the leader!!). You might want to go first so that they have to do it just like you! (Helpful hint: don’t wait for kids to finish the obstacle course before sending the next one through or the kids will lose interest. Engage all the kids by sending them through at close to the same time.) When you finish the obstacle course, say: You did a great job following the leader through this obstacle course! Jesus wants us to follow Him – wherever He leads – and to do whatever He tells us to do! We can all be followers of Jesus!

3. Play a game of blob tag (or, if your kids are too young for this game, simply play tag). The game starts with one person who is “it”. The first person that he tags has to join him in being “it” by linking arms with him and running with him to catch the next person. This continues until everyone (or nearly everyone) is “it” and there is one long link of kids. The last person who is caught can be the one to be “it” if you play the game again. When you finish playing, say: When we follow Jesus, He wants us to tell others all about Him! He wants us to become “fishers of men”, or someone who helps other people learn about Jesus. Just like you were “catching” each other in this game, Jesus wants us to “catch” people and tell them all about Him!

The Lesson:

Gather all the kids together for the lesson time. Then say: Today we are going to talk about following Jesus. As I talk today, I’m going to tell you to do some different things and you need to FOLLOW my instructions and what I am doing do the same thing. Let’s practice. (Make sure you do the activity, too . . . remember they are FOLLOWING you!) Jump up on down. (Pause while kids do this), Stomp your feet, (Pause while kids do this), Put your hands up in the air (Pause while kids do this), Sit down and listen to the lesson.

When the kids are sitting down quietly, say: One day Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee. Let’s pretend to walk by the sea! (Walk with the kids by the “sea”. Point out different things that you might notice in the sea – for example, say, “Do you see the big waves? What about the birds up there in the sky? What else do you see by the water?”

Say: Jesus saw two brothers, Simon (called Peter) and his brother Andrew. Do you know what they were doing? They were fishing! Let’s pretend we are fishing on the Sea of Gaililee! Lead the kids in “fishing” on the sea of Gaililee. Make sure you talk about it as you are fishing (“Throw the net in really far!”, “Do you see that little ripple in the water over there? Maybe there’s a fish there!”)

Say: When Jesus saw James and Andrew fishing, he said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you Fishers of Men!” Jesus wanted them to leave what they were doing and become his disciples – or followers. He wanted them to help him get other people to follow him, too. That’s what it means to be “fishers of men”. What do you think Peter and Andrew did? They stopped what they were doing and immediately followed him! Can you do that? Have the kids pretend to “drop” their fishing nets and follow Jesus. Lead them to a different part of the room.

Say: They all walked a little further and Jesus saw two other brothers – James and John, sons of a man named Zebedee. James, John, and Zebedee were all in a boat, fixing their fishing nets. They were also fishermen. Can you pretend to be in a boat fixing your nets? Help the kids step in the “boat” and help them pretend to fix their nets.

Say: Jesus called to them also. Guess what they did? Immediately they left the boat and their father and followed Jesus! Let’s pretend to be James and John! Lead the kids in dropping their nets, stepping out in the boat and following Jesus.

Say: Jesus called people to follow Him and they did. He wants us to follow Him today, to. He wants us to tell other people about him and to be fishers of men – to help other people follow Jesus, too!

Additional Activities:

1. Play this fun review game. Use a hula hoop to “catch” your kids! Have them run around while you chase after them. Put the hula hoop around them to “catch” them. When you catch them say, “I am fishing for men! Caught you!” (or something like that). Each time you catch someone, ask him a review question. Use the following questions (or come up with some of your own):

  • Where was Jesus walking? (by the Sea of Galilee)

  • What were Peter and Andrew doing when Jesus saw them? (fishing)

  • What did Jesus tell Peter and Andrew to do? (fishing)

  • What did Jesus tell Peter and Andrew they would become? (fishers of men)

  • Did Peter and Andrew follow Jesus? (yes)

  • When did Peter and Andrew follow Jesus? (immediately)

  • Where were James and John when Jesus saw them? (in the boat)

  • What were they doing in the boat? (fixing their nets)

  • Who was with them? (their dad – Zebedee)

  • What did Jesus tell James and John to do? (follow him)

  • What did James and John do? (follow Jesus)

  • When did James and John follow Jesus? (immediately)

  • What does Jesus want us to do? (follow him)

  • What does it mean to be a fisher of men? (tell others about Jesus – get others to follow Jesus)

2. Sing, “I will make you fishers of men”. Teach the kids motions and have lots of fun with this song.  

3. Give the kids pretzel sticks (the small ones) and goldfish crackers. Have them use the pretzel sticks to make a “boat”. (You can also give them frosting or something to keep the pretzel sticks together if you’d like. Older kids might be able to use mini marshmallows to connect the pretzels as well.) When kids have their boats created, give them some goldfish crackers and have them pretend to be fishing. Let them eat their snacks, but whenever you say “follow me” they have to put the goldfish down and run to you. Talk about what it means to follow Jesus while doing this activity.

4. Give the kids a copy of the fish from the printable pdf. Have them think about people they can tell about Jesus. Have them write the names of those people on the fish (or they can draw pictures). Spend time praying for the people on the fish, and for the kids to follow Jesus and be “fishers of men”.


Check out these Bible Lessons for kids of all ages:

Bold_ A 10 Week Study for Churches and Families

Serving God in the Church: Free Printable and Lesson

A free printable and lesson to help your youngest kids learn that they can serve God — both now and when they are older!

Our youngest kids need to learn that they can serve God in the church — both now and when they are older! They need to be encouraged to lead and “take the baton” when they are older . . . and they need to be taught that serving God in the church is a way they show that they love Jesus! This lesson and printable is one way you can help teach your young kids this principle. Feel free to adapt it however you need!

For the printable, have the kids draw themselves in the picture and then draw (or write) ways they can serve God both now and when they are older in the appropriate boxes. If you only want the printable, click on the picture below and you will be able to print it off. If you want the whole lesson, scroll down and you can print it off below or use it straight from this site.

Thanks a bunch and keep serving Jesus!


I can show Jesus I love Him by serving in the church!


I can serve God now and when I’m Older (pdf)

A Lesson based on Numbers 27:12-23

Opening Activity

Beforehand, make your own relay baton(s) You can do this by folding a paper towel tube in half (lengthwise) and wrapping it in packing tape. (You can also do this without folding it in half, but folding it will make it sturdier). If you want, cover the tube in crepe paper or streamers to add some color. Then use the baton(s) to participate in several different relay races. Make a big deal of the kids handing the baton off to the next person. Say things like, “Okay, your turn is over! Give the baton to ______, it’s her turn now!” Examples of relay races include the following:

  • Mark two lines and have the kids run back and forth between them, being careful to pass the baton to the next person in line when they get back.
  • Do the above while hopping on one foot
  • Walking backwards
  • Skipping
  • Crawling on hands and feet
  • Galloping like a horse
  • Crab walk (this could be tricky with the baton in their hands!!)
  • Hop like a kangaroo
  • Spin in circles all the way
  • Clap your hands all the way
  • Leap like a frog

When you finish the races, say: You did a great job with these races! Whenever you got the baton, you did your job so well! Did you know that you have a job to do for Jesus, too? You can serve Jesus now, and one day, the adults are going to hand you the baton and you will need to take over some of the jobs they do, too!

The Lesson:

Gather the kids together and have them sit down with you. If you can have them at a table, this would be helpful. Give each kid some playdough. Today, they are going to make playdough sculptures to help you as you tell the story.

When each kid has his/her playdough, say: Today you are going to help me tell the story with your playdough! Can you hold the playdough in your hand and keep it still until I tell you what to do? Show me!

When the kids are holding the playdough in their hands, say: Good job! Today we are going to talk about a man named Moses. Moses was an old man. He had been a leader of his people for a long time, but now he was getting ready to stop leading the people. He was 120 years old – that’s pretty old! He probably had a long beard. Can you make a long beard out of your playdough? Help the kids make a long beard out of their playdough. They can make the playdough into a ball for a face and then add a beard, or some may want to make the beard and put it on their faces. Have fun with this . . . talk about how Moses was old and ready to have someone else lead the people as you do this.

When the kids are done making the beards, say: Okay, now put the playdough back on the table in front of you. Good job!

Moses wanted to make sure there was someone good to lead the people after he was gone. The people needed a good leader to take them into the land that God had promised to them. They needed a good leader to help obey God and do the right things. Moses did not want them to be like sheep without a shepherd – what do you think sheep without a shepherd would look like? Use your playdough now to show me what sheep would look like! Help the kids make sheep with their playdough. When the kids get some sheep made, talk about what it would be like if they had no shepherd. Have the kids make their sheep act “crazy” and have them wander around and get in all sorts of trouble. Have fun with this.

When you are finished with this part, have the kids put the playdough on the table in front of them and say: Yes, your sheep got pretty wild because there was no one leading them! Moses didn’t want the same thing to happen to the people. He wanted to make sure they had a good person leading them. And God knew just the person for the job! God chose a young man named Joshua to take over. Joshua was going to be the next leader of the people!

Moses had done his job . . . it was now time for someone else to take over. He had to “pass the baton” to Joshua. Just like you passed a baton in the races we did earlier – when you were done running, you gave the baton to the next person and it was his turn to run – Moses was done leading, and it was now Joshua’s turn to lead. Can you make a baton with your playdough? Show the kids how to roll the playdough up to make a “baton”. While they are making the batons, talk to them about how there are lots of jobs in the church that they will some day need to do. Ask them what some of the jobs are that they will need to do and discuss this with them. Reinforce the idea that they will need to step up, take the baton, and carry on the work that God has for them to do!

When you are finished with the batons, have the kids put the playdough in front of them and say: After Joshua was made the new leader, God told Moses to climb a mountain. From this mountain, he was able to see the new land that the people would live in after Moses died. Can you guys make a mountain with your playdough? Let me see! Help the kids make mountains. After they have their mountains made, have them pretend Moses is climbing it and looking at the promised land. Talk about what Moses may have been thinking as he climbed the mountain.

When you are finished with the mountain, have the kids put the playdough in front of them on the table and say: That was the last the people saw of Moses. He had done a good job as leader of the people, but it was time for him to be with God and for Joshua to take over. It was Joshua’s turn to lead. Joshua had served God all his life, and now it was his turn to serve God by leading the people. You can serve God right now, too . . . and some day, it will be YOUR turn to lead! Serving God in the church is one way that you show that you love Jesus!

Have the kids make a playdough heart. Talk with them about how serving God in the church shows that they love Jesus. Talk with them about different ways they can serve God in the church and show that they love Jesus – both now and in the future. Then have them hold the playdough in their hands as you pray for each one of them by name. Have them put the playdough away and help you clean up the lesson area.

Additional Activities:

1. Make your own yummy batons! Use pretzel rods, chocolate and sprinkles to make chocolate covered pretzel batons! You will need to have an adult helper melt chocolate (or chocolate chips) ahead of time and carefully put a little melted chocolate in bowls so each kid can have his own bowl (or plastic bags). Have the kids dip their pretzel rods in the chocolate and then roll it in sprinkles. Set them on wax paper to dry. (Another option is to have chocolate melting in a crock pot and then have the kids dip the pretzels in the crock pot when you are doing this. Talk with them about what it means to “pass on the baton” as you are making and eating this snack.

2. Let each kid make his/her own baton. Give every child a half page of white paper and have him/her draw and write ways that they can serve God – both now and in the future. Then give each kid a toilet paper tube (or paper towel tube) and help him wrap the paper and attach it to the toilet paper/paper towel tube. (You can use glue or packing tape). Talk with the kids about how they need to be ready to take the baton and serve God!

3. Kids need to learn that they are part of the church today and that they can serve God – even at their age! Help them recognize that by doing one (or more) of the following activities:

  • Find a service project the kids can do together (examples include: cleaning an area of the church, pulling weeds or picking up sticks outside, raking leaves, washing windows, helping with part of the service – perhaps you could arrange beforehand to have your kids hand out bulletins or serve the offering). Talk to the kids about the importance of being willing to serve God by serving in the church!
  • Choose a few leaders in your church and have them come in and talk about the jobs they do. (Examples include: people who clean the church, cook meals, visit shut-ins, take the offering, serve communion, serve on the board, etc) Take pictures of your kids with these leaders, print out the pictures and display them in the room. Spend time in the future praying for the leaders whenever you look at their pictures!
  • Have the kids make cards for some of the leaders in your church. Talk about the important jobs they do and how nice it is to encourage them by sending them a card.
  • Print off the attached picture and have the kids draw themselves in and then draw pictures (or write) of ways they can serve God both now and in the future. Talk with them about the different ways they can serve God and about how this shows that we love Jesus as they work on the project.


Bold_ A 10 Week Study for Churches and Families

God Can Do Amazing Things: A Lesson for Preschoolers

Use this lesson on Balaam and his donkey to remind your kids that we serve a mighty God who can do amazing things!

Here is a lesson based on the story of Balaam and his donkey! You can use this story from the Old Testament to remind your kids that we serve a mighty God who can do amazing things AND if God can do amazing things through a donkey, He can do amazing things through us!



God Can do Amazing Things!

 God Can Do Amazing Things Lesson (Printable)

 Beforehand, make your own donkey puppet. You can use a sock and make a sock puppet, or a paper bag and the template found here. 

Also beforehand, find a recording of the sound a donkey makes. (If possible, put the sound on your phone and play if from there. A fun youtube video that the kids will enjoy hearing is “The Sound of a Donkey” by Theo Werkman found here: 

. (The actual donkey sound starts at :05 seconds).

Bring the kids all together for the lesson time. Say: Today’s lesson is about a time when God did something amazing through a donkey. Has anyone heard of donkeys before? Do you know what a donkey sounds like? Sometimes we say a donkey makes a sound like this “ee, aw”. (Make a donkey sound). Can you make that sound? (Have all the kids make that sound).

Donkeys also walk around on all four of their legs – kind of like a horse. Can you get down on the ground and walk around like a donkey? Be sure to make a donkey sound as you walk! (Encourage the kids to walk and make noises like a donkey. Have fun doing this for awhile and then bring them all back together again)

When the kids are sitting down again, say: Listen to this sound of a real donkey! Play the sounds of the donkey that you found earlier. You might also choose to show the kids a picture of a donkey at this time, too.

Now, what would you think if a donkey started talking to you? What would you think if a donkey stopped moving around, looked at you, and talked to you just like I am talking to you now? That’s what happened to a man a long, long time ago named Balaam. Let me tell you his story . . . No, wait. I have a friend who is going to tell you his story instead.

Take out the puppet you prepared beforehand. For the rest of the lesson, pretend you are having a conversation with the puppet and tell the story to the kids using the following script.

Donkey: Hello, boys and girls. I want to tell you about something that happened to a donkey a long time ago.

Leader: Wait a second! I thought this story happened to a man named Balaam.

Donkey: It did! But it also happened to a donkey! Now, are you going to let me tell the kids the story or not?

Leader: So sorry . . . please go on.

Donkey: Well, this donkey worked for a man named Balaam. Everywhere that Balaam wanted to go, this donkey went. This donkey never complained. He never disobeyed. He always did exactly what Balaam asked him to do. This was a very good donkey. Just like me.

Leader: Please just tell the story.

Donkey: Okay, I’ll just tell the story. Well, one day Balaam was riding on the donkey and the donkey did something really strange! The donkey turned off the road and walked right into the field. Balaam got mad at his donkey for going into the field and struck her to get her to go the right way. The donkey went back and started walking until she came to a narrow path with a wall on both sides. The donkey pressed against the wall – pressing Balaam’s foot against the wall as well!

Leader: Wow! I bet Balaam was really upset about that.

Donkey: He was! He struck her again! She got up and kept walking, but then the next thing you know, the donkey laid straight down on the ground and refused to move. Balaam got so angry that he struck her with a stick!

Leader: Sounds like this wasn’t such a good donkey after all.

Donkey: WRONG! At that moment, God allowed the donkey to speak and the donkey started talking to Balaam – just like I’m talking to you right now!

Leader: What did the donkey say?

Donkey: The donkey reminded Balaam that she had always been a good donkey and had always done what Balaam asked. Then God let Balaam see the same thing the donkey had been seeing. There was an angel of the Lord standing in the way with a sword in his hand!

Leader: Really? An angel with a sword? So the donkey had saved Balaam’s life!

Donkey: That’s right! When the donkey went into the field, he was moving away from the angel. When he went against the wall, he was doing it to stay away from the angel, and when he stopped and laid down under Balaam, he was doing it because there was no place to go to avoid the angel!

Leader: Wow! God did something amazing through a DONKEY!

Donkey: That’s right, and God can do amazing things through each of these kids, too!

Have the kids say good-bye to the puppet as you take it off your hand and put it away. Then say: Isn’t it great to know that we serve a GREAT BIG GOD who can do amazing things like cause a donkey to talk!!

At this time, you might choose to sing the song “Our God is so Big” with the kids. Teach the kids motions to do while they are singing the song. You can use the video “My God is so Big, Bible Adventure Worship, LifeKids” by Lifekids found here:


Additional Activities

1. Help the kids make their own donkey puppets and then have fun as they retell today’s story through their new puppet friends! Find the template here.  

2. Print off one of the coloring pages found here and let the kids color their own donkeys!  

3. Use bananas and angel food cake to make a fun angel craft with the kids. Give each kid two thin slices of angel food cake for the wings and a long half of banana for the body. Use a banana slice (circle) for the head. Let them use whipped cream or yogurt to decorate their angels . . . as well as for halos or clouds. Give them a pretzel rod for the sword (or some other food of your choice) since this angel did have a sword! Talk about the story as you make the craft and then have fun eating the craft together!

4. Have donkey races! Encourage the kids to get down on their hands and knees and “run” across the room making donkey sounds as they run. Set up a start and finish line for the races. Then have them run across the room, but when you shout “Angel!” they have to stop running and lay down on the ground until you say “All clear!”. Have lots of fun with this . . . but be sure to talk to them about how God can do amazing things – including making a donkey talk!

5. Make a “God Can do Amazing Things” collage. Get a large piece of paper and have the kids draw pictures of things that God can do. Talk about how nothing is impossible with God! (Optional: Provide other art supplies to use and/or pictures that the kids can glue on the paper)

6. On a large piece of paper write, “God can do amazing things through . . .” and then have each kid write his/her name on the paper and draw a picture to represent himself. Close the time in prayer, thanking God that He can use ordinary people like ____ (fill in the blank with each child’s name) to do amazing things!


Bold_ A 10 Week Study for Churches and Families