James Chapter 5: A Bible Reading Plan for Independent Readers

Welcome to the Bible reading plan for the last chapter of James!  I hope that this Bible reading plan has helped you grow closer to Jesus!

Don’t forget that I have a homeschooling curriculum for those families who want to go even deeper over James AND if you want to get your whole church involved, I have a study for churches as well! You can check out chapter five for free here, and if you like it, you can find the entire curriculum here.

By now you are a pro at this . . . so let’s just jump right in!

Journeying Through James Reading Plan Chapter Three
James Chapter Five

james independent chapter five

Week Twenty-Eight (James 5:1-3)

___ Day One: James 5:1-3. Think about it: What is the warning given to the rich in these verses? Do you think it is bad to be rich? When does wealth become a problem? Pray about it. Ask God to help you store up your treasures in heaven!

___ Day Two: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, 5:10-12, 12:1, 13. Think about it: The writer of Ecclesiastes was searching for meaning in his life. What are some of the things he tried? Why did these not satisfy him? What is the conclusion that the writer of Ecclesiastes comes to?

Note: The writer of Ecclesiastes continued to search for meaning throughout his life. Ecclesiastes can be a very depressing book, as the writer shares that all he collected, all he worked for, all he sought after ended up being “meaningless”. In the end, he realized that there is only one thing that can bring meaning to life – a relationship with God. Do you have a relationship with God that brings meaning to your life?

Pray about it: Ask God to help you grow closer to Him each day!

___ Day Three: Matthew 19:16-26. Think about it: Why did the man in this passage walk away sad? Why do you think it is difficult for the rich to serve God? What might make things difficult for them? How do these verses relate to James 5:1-3? Pray about it: Ask God to help you be willing to give up EVERYTHING for Him!

___ Day Four: 1 Timothy 6:6-10. Think about it: What should we be content with? What is the only thing we really need to have? Pray about it: Ask God to help you to be content and to seek after Him more than anything else.

___ Day Five: James 5:1-3. Write a letter to God thanking Him for all the things He has blessed you with.

A great song for this week:

  Week Twenty-nine (James 5:4-6)

___ Day One: James 5:4-6. Think about it: What do you think is the underlying sin/attitude the rich have to deal with according to these verses?

Note: When I read these verses, I think of one word – selfish. The problem with the people James was talking about was not that they were rich, but that they were selfish with their riches. They did not treat their workers fairly. They wanted more and more and lived a life of luxury while others around them were suffering and even dying. They were so focused on their own desires that they turned a blind eye to the suffering around them. This reminds me of a scene from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There is a scene where the king is sitting in the middle of his castle with a feast before him. He is eating the food set before him while outside his castle the people are in great danger and his own son is giving up his life for a battle that was impossible to win. When I read verse 5, I picture that scene in my mind.


The question for us, of course, is How have we turned a blind eye to the suffering around us? Have we gotten so caught up in our own selfish desires that we fail to see the people around us who are hurting? Pray about it: Ask God to open your eyes to the suffering around you!

___ Day Two: Exodus 3:1-10. Think about it: What did God tell Moses in these verses? In verse 7, God says something that sounds a lot like the words in James 5:4-6. What did He say? How does this relate to James 5:4-6?

NOTE: God sees the suffering that takes place in the world. He hears the cries of His people. In the case of the Israelites, He heard their suffering and sent someone to deliver them. God could have easily delivered them out of their bondage and suffering without using an ordinary man to do it. He could have destroyed the Egyptians and given the Israelites all they needed. But He didn’t. He used Moses – a normal, ordinary, every day guy! God always uses PEOPLE to carry out the work He wants to have done. God sees the suffering going on in the world today, too. Perhaps He wants YOU to do something about it!

Pray about it: Ask God to help you see the needs around you, and to DO something about it!

___ Day Three: Luke 23:33-47, Luke 24:1-12. Jesus was a righteous man who was condemned and put to death without resisting, just like James 5:6 talks about. Today you read about His death and resurrection. Spend time today thanking Jesus for His sacrifice for you!

___ Day Four: 1 John 3:13-24. Think about it: Why do you think the world hates Christians? How do we know what love is? What should our response to that love be? Pray about it: Ask God to show you the resources you have that can be used to help others.

___ Day Five: James 5:4-6. Find a way that you can help the poor and oppressed. Do it!

A challenging video for this week:


Week Thirty (James 5:7-8)

___ Day One: James 5:7-8. Think about it: What are some practical things you can do as you wait for the day of the Lord? The coming of the Lord is near! We need to wait patiently, serving Him as we wait! One day soon He will come back and take us home to be with Him forever! Pray about it: Ask God to help you serve Him as you wait!

___ Day Two: Daniel 7:9-14, Daniel 12:1-4. Think about it: Who did Daniel see coming with the clouds of heaven? What is the end result for those who follow Jesus? These verses are describing the last days. There is no doubt that we are living in the last days right now. We do not know when Jesus will come back, but one day He will and these verses will be fulfilled! Pray about it: Ask God to help you be excited for His return! Here’s a video that might help!


___ Day Three: Matthew 25. Think about it: How can we be sure that we are ready when Jesus comes? Are you using what God gave you to use for His service, or are you burying it? Have you been taking care of Jesus? How can you take care of Jesus today? Matthew 25:31-46 describes a life that puts faith into action (or doesn’t). We are all called to serve . . . that is how we put our faith into action on a regular basis. Every time we serve someone, we are serving Jesus. Look for ways to put your faith into action every day! Pray about it: Ask God to help you put your faith into action today!

___ Day Four: 2 Peter 3:3-18. Think about it: Who will come in the last days? Have you seen this to be true? When Jesus comes back, how should we be found? Pray about it: Choose someone that you know who needs Jesus. Start praying for this person on a regular basis.

___ Day Five: James 5:7-8. Make a painting of what you think heaven will be like. Spend time rejoicing over the fact that some day we will be with Jesus!

Here is a song to help us remember to be ready for the return of Christ!  

Week Thirty-One (James 5:9-11)

___ Day One: James 5:9-11. Think about it: How should we behave towards one another? Can you think of any examples of suffering and patience in current times? How can you endure suffering? Pray about it: Ask God to help you be strong and patient should you ever suffer for Him! Spend time today praying for those around the world who are suffering for Christ. Check out www.kidsofcourage.com for some ideas of specific ways to pray.

___ Day Two: Job 1-2, Job 42:10-17. Think about it: Why did Job suffer? How did he show endurance through what he suffered? What can we learn from the life of Job? Pray about it: Ask God to help you trust Him no matter what and to always serve Him, even in suffering! I love this song about praising God in the hard times. Perhaps you will be encouraged by it, too!


___ Day Three: Matthew 21:33-46. Think about it: Who are we in this parable? How can remembering the suffering of the prophets who came before us help us to endure the suffering that we may face today? Pray about it: Continue to ask God to help you endure in the midst of suffering.

___ Day Four: Revelation 6:9-11, Revelation 21:1-7. Think about it: How can you receive encouragement from this passage? Pray about it: Pray for your brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for their faith. Pray for endurance for them and for those who are persecuting them to come to Christ.

___ Day Five: James 5:9-11 Make your own prayer calendar to guide you in your prayers for persecuted Christians world wide.

Here is a challenging video for this week:


Week Thirty-Two (James 5:12)

___ Day One: James 5:12 Think about it: What does this verse tell us about our speech as Christians? Pray about it: Ask God to help you honor Him with your speech.

___ Day Two: Exodus 20:7, Leviticus 19:12, Deuteronomy 5:11. Think about it: Why are we not to take the Lord’s name in vain?

NOTE: God is a holy and righteous God. His name is to be held in the highest respect. He is so amazing and almighty and we need to remember that we should not take His name lightly. We should hold it in respect and honor, literally fearing the Lord. In Bible times, the people were so concerned with saying the Lord’s name in vain that they would not even speak it, and, when they wrote it, they would leave out a letter – writing YHWH instead of YAHWEH. In our Bibles today, the holiest name for God, YAHWEH, is translated by writing Lord in all capital letters, like this: LORD. Whenever you see LORD in your Bible, know that that is the special name for our Almighty God.

Pray about it: Ask God to help you remember to hold His name in honor, respect, and awe!

___ Day Three: Matthew 5:33-37. Think about it: What do these verses tell us about our speech? How can you make sure your speech glorifies God? Pray about it: Ask God to help you have speech that glorifies Him!

___ Day Four: 1 Peter 3:8-12. Think about it: How does our speech impact how we live towards one another? How do these verses relate to James 5:12? Pray about it: Ask God to help you guard your speech and to speak only what would please Him.

___ Day Five: James 5:12. Make an art project honoring the names of God.

Here is a video on the Names of God:


Week Thirty-Three (James 5:13-15)

___ Day One: James 5:13-15. Think about it: What should our response be to any situation that faces us? What happens when we pray? Pray about it: Ask God to teach you to pray!

___ Day Two: 2 Kings 20:1-11. Think about it: How did Hezekiah respond to his illness? How do these verses relate to James 5:13-15? Pray about it: Pray for someone you know who is sick today.

___ Day Three: Luke 11:1-13. Think about it: What are the components of prayer that you see in Jesus’s prayer? Pray about it: Pray your own prayer, modeled after the one that Jesus gave.

___ Day Four: Psalm 150. Think about it: What are all the different ways that we can praise God that you see listed in this Scripture? Can you think of any other way to praise God? Pray about it: Let’s DO it! Praise God in as many ways as you can!!!

___ Day Five: James 5:13-15. Write your own song (or psalm if you don’t want to sing) to God today.

A great song for this week:


Week Thirty-Four (James 5:16-18)

___ Day One: James 5:16-18. Think about it: What are we to confess to one another? Why do you think this is important? What does James say about the prayer of a righteous person? How does that make you feel about your prayers?

NOTE: James 5:16 shows the importance of accountability in a Christian’s life. We need people who will hold us accountable – who know our weaknesses and will help us deal with them. We also need people that we can go to when we mess up. These people will pray for us and help us get on the right path again!

Pray about it: Ask God to help you find someone who can hold you accountable in your life.

___ Day Two: 1 Kings 17:1-7, 1 Kings 18:20-46. Think about it: What happened with Elijah and his prayer life?

NOTE: Remember, James tells us that Elijah was a man just like us. He was a normal human being. What made him special was that he trusted in God and allowed God to work through him. We, too, can trust in God and allow God to work through us. God can do great things through His servants. Are YOU His servant?

Pray about it: Ask God to help you pray like Elijah!

___ Day Three: Matthew 17:14-21. Think about it: Why did the disciples have difficulty in this passage? What do you think Jesus meant when He said that faith as small as a mustard seed could move mountains? Do you have any “mountains” in your life right now? Pray about it!!!!

___ Day Four: 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Think about it: When should you pray? How can you do this? Pray about it: Practice praying all the time! Remind yourself that Jesus is with you always and that you can pray often throughout the day. For some creative ideas on how to do this, see https://cherigamble.com/2014/06/04/pray-continually-15-ways-to-practice-1-thessalonians-517/.

___ Day Five: James 5:16-18. Plant a small seed and watch it grow over time. In the same way, your faith will grow over time, too!

A fun video for this week:


Week Thirty-Five (James 5:19-20)

___ Day One: James 5:19-20. Think about it: What should we do if we see someone straying from the truth? How will this help them?

NOTE: Confrontation is not an easy thing. We do not like to get involved or come across as judgmental when we see someone sinning. However, this passage makes it clear that, as Christians, we must confront other Christians who are in danger of falling away. If we are truly living as Christians and in Christian fellowship, the confrontation should come as a normal, loving part of our relationships with one another!

Pray about it: Ask God to help you learn how to lovingly confront when needed.

___ Day Two: 2 Samuel 12:1-15. Think about it: Why do you think Nathan told David a story instead of coming right out and confronting him? What can we learn about confrontation from the way that Nathan confronted David? How does Nathan’s confrontation relate to James 5:19-20? Pray about it: Ask God to lead you to someone who can lovingly point out when you are sinning and help to hold you accountable in your Christian faith.

___ Day Three: Matthew 18:15-20. Think about it: According to these verses, what are the steps of Christian confrontation? What is the hardest part about this process? Pray about it: Ask God to help you take the Biblical approach to confrontation!

___ Day Four: James 5:19-20. Do something to encourage the elders of your church. They are often the ones involved in Biblical confrontation, so do something to encourage them!

___ Day Five: CELEBRATION!!! This is the end of the Bible reading plan over James! Have a party to celebrate – eat pizza, make a “James” cake or cupcakes, play games . . . celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!



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