Pray Continually: 15 Ways to Practice 1 Thessalonians 5:17

pray 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to “Pray Continually”. That means we should pray ALL THE TIME! While this can prove difficult with our daily schedules in today’s world, here are some suggestions that can help you and your family put this principle into practice in a practical way. Some of these you can do with your kids, some of these are meant just for you. Use these ideas to help you use otherwise wasted moments as prayer times. Or, start a new tradition that teaches your children to make prayer a priority. Whatever you do, just remember that prayer is powerful — even if the prayer takes place in a car at a stoplight! And, when you are finshed reading, add your own ideas in the comments. Are you ready? Let’s . . .


P “Passing-By Prayers”

Also known as “drive-by prayers”, this simply means that you get in a car and go for a drive, praying for the people and places you see as you drive by. You can plan a route or make it random.

R “Red-Light Prayers”:

The next time you are stopped at a red light, spend time praying for the person in the car beside you, behind you, or anywhere else near you. If there are no vehicles near you, pray for the nearby businesses.

A “Ambulance Prayers”:

The next time you hear an ambulance or fire truck, stop, drop, and PRAY! Every siren you hear means someone, somewhere is in trouble, and could definitely use your prayers!

Y “Yule-tide Prayers”:

Save all the Christmas cards you receive and then shuffle them up and draw one out each day of the following year and pray for the family that sent that card.

C “Church Directory Prayers”

If your church has a church directory, get it out and pray for each of the families that are represented in it. This is also a great way to become more familiar with the members of your church! If you attend a large church, take a page a day.

O “On the Spot Prayer”:

The next time someone asks you to pray for him, stop what you are doing and pray right then and there. This is much more effective than saying you will pray later and then forgetting all about it.

N “Neighborhood Prayers”:

Take a stroll around your neighborhood and pray for the people who live in each of the houses. Do
this on a regular basis and you may make some new friends in the process!

T “Thankfulness Chain”:

Leading up to Thanksgiving, make a paper chain around your house. Have each person write one thing they are thankful for on a piece of paper each day. On Thanksgiving Day, take the chain down and pray, thanking God for each of those items.

I “International Prayer Focus”:

Choose a country and make a prayer calendar with a different item to pray for on each day. Visit for some great ideas and prayer suggestions!

N “Newspaper Prayers”:

Get out the newspaper (or check the internet) and spend time in prayer for the items that are in the
headlines for that day.

U “Utilize a Prayer Basket”:

At the beginning of each month, write people’s names down on separate pieces of paper and place
them in a basket. Then, draw a name out each day and pray for that person as a family.

A “At the Store Prayers”:

The next time you are grocery shopping, pray for the people you pass in the aisles. After you leave,
pray for the cashier you had when you checked out.

L “Lunch Box Prayers”:

Pray for your child (or husband) as you pack his lunch. Then write a note and stick it in the lunch
box letting him know that you prayed for him.

L “Laundry-mat Prayers”:

The next time you are folding laundry (which, for me, is every day) pray for the person who
owns the item you are folding. Go one step further and pray for the situations he will encounter the next
time he is wearing that item!

Y “Yearbook Prayers”:

Take current or old yearbooks (or scrapbooks) and pray for the people you see on each page. This could also be turned into “Facebook” prayers, where you go through your “friends” list, praying for
each person you see.

Pray without ceasing, continually, all the time, every single chance you have! God can do mighty things when His people pray!

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