Join Team Jesus: A Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

This is a Bible lesson for preschoolers over Matthew 3:13-17, which is the passage where John baptizes Jesus. The main theme of this lesson is that we should Join Team Jesus - and that we show we are on Team Jesus by wearing His uniform through baptism. It's a deep concept for little kids .... Continue Reading →

Geography Club Lesson Plans Over China

The month of March had us studying China during our Geo Treckers group at the library.  We learned a lot, had a fun game, cool craft, and enjoyed a tasty snack. Here are the plans that I used: Geography Club Lesson Plans Over China As Kids enter, have them start their craft project. They should... Continue Reading →

Geography Club Plans over Italy

In February, we were in the country of Italy! Here are the plans I used for our Geography Club this month. Geography Club Plans over Italy Play Italian Music as kids enter and again as they do their craft. Use the video here: Welcome to Geo Treckers! Ciao! This month we are in the country... Continue Reading →

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