April 2016 Prayer Calendar for Children

Welcome to April and welcome to the April Prayer Calendar for Children!  Here you will find a printable calendar with ideas to help your children pray each day throughout this month.  Hopefully this calendar will help them learn to pray for things they wouldn’t normally pray for . . . and hopefully it will help them to learn to PRAY BIG!

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And don’t forget to pick up your own prayer list to help you as you pray for your kids this month.

And now, here is this month’s prayer calendar for children!

Prayer Calendar

April 2016 Prayer Calendar(printable)

April 1st: Pray for the times you are tempted to have a bad attitude.

April 2nd: Plant flowers in your neighborhood. Pray for your neighbors!

April 3rd: Praise God that He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever!

April 4th: Pray for those serving in government.

April 5th: Pray for your local church and for all who serve on the staff.

April 6th: Pray for your immediate family members by name.

April 7th: Ask God to forgive you for any sins you have committed. Be specific!

April 8th: Pray for the times you are tempted to tease others.

April 9th: Play catch with a little brother or sister (or neighbor)

April 10th: Praise God that He loves you with an everlasting love!

April 11th: Pray for Pakistan

April 12th: Pray for the church around the world – for unity as we share the love of Christ with others.

April 13th: Pray for your closest friends and their families.

April 14th: Ask God to help you be honest and to be able to admit it when you do something wrong.

April 15th: Pray for the times you are tempted to lose your temper.

April 16th: Invite a friend to church!

April 17th: Praise God that He provided a way of salvation through Jesus!

April 18th: Pray for China.

April 19th: Pray for your community today.

April 20th: Pray for someone you know who is sad today.

April 21st: Ask God to help you to be able to forgive those who hurt you.

April 22nd: Pray for the times you are tempted to tell a lie.

April 23rd: Do some spring cleaning and give some of your stuff away!

April 24th: Praise God that He is all powerful!

April 25th: Pray for persecuted Christians world wide.

April 26th: Pray for your mailman today.

April 27th: Pray for someone you know who is really sick.

April 28th: Ask God to help you to be able to show others the love and forgiveness of Christ.

April 29th: Pray for the times you are tempted to say bad words.

April 30th: Make a card for your mailman.


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Author: Cheri Gamble

Cheri Gamble is a minister's wife and mom to five boys who lives in Southwestern Lower Michigan. She and her husband, Tom, have been married for over twenty years and they have been involved with vocational ministry for just as long. Cheri is the author of over 15 books including devotionals and hands-on Bible Curriculum. She enjoys serving the children and youth at her church as a Sunday School teacher, children's worship leader, and children's music and drama leader. She also works as the Outreach Ministries Director at LifePlan, an organization with the mission of "Spreading the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life". In her free time, Cheri enjoys reading, writing, working on her blog, and watching football with her boys.

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