April 2016 Prayer Calendar for Children

Welcome to April and welcome to the April Prayer Calendar for Children!  Here you will find a printable calendar with ideas to help your children pray each day throughout this month.  Hopefully this calendar will help them learn to pray for things they wouldn't normally pray for . . . and hopefully it will help... Continue Reading →

February 2016 Prayer Calendar for Children

It's February . . . and here's the February Prayer Calendar for Children.   I hope this prayer calendar helps to focus your prayer life and helps your children learn that their prayers can be BIGGER than they are! While you're here, I'd love it if you'd join our facebook group and like my facebook... Continue Reading →

August 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

This is a prayer calendar that is meant to help children (and families) grow their prayer lives and their faith. Children want to pray, but it can often be difficult for them to think of things to pray for.  "Will you pray for my rabbit?",  "My chicken needs prayer," "Pray that I can get a... Continue Reading →

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