Quarantined Love: A COVID-19 Parody of Veggie Tales “Endangered Love”

This week for our Silly Song with Cheri, we took on the legendary Veggie Tale song “Barbara Manatee”. In this song, Larry is watching a daytime drama — and singing to his crush, Barbara, when Bob walks in on him. We decided to attempt a similar storyline — only, in our version, Tom and Cheri were the soap opera couple and, well, you’ll just have to view the video to find out what happens next!

Have a great week!



And now it’s time for Silly Songs with Cheri, the part of the show where Cheri comes out and sings a silly song. We join Cheri as she follows the tragic saga of COVID-19 in the daily drama “Quarantined Love” 


You keep away from me 

I will stay home all day 

Just to keep you away! 

Tom: Please don’t cry, Cheri, You’re a nice girl, you see, You’ve been so good to me! But I must go into the store and buy noble things for the good of our family, 

And you can’t come because you don’t have a mask. Au Revoir! 

Cheri: But if you leave, Tom, who will stay with me at home? Who’s going to stay with me at home, Tom? I have a new game and puzzle and new quarantine movies, who will stay with me at home? 

Please don’t go 

Tom: I must 

C: Don’t go 

T: I must! 

C: Don’t 

T: Must! 

C: Don’t Don’t 

T: Must! Must! 

Cheri (Chorus) COVID-19, 

You’ve been so mean to me! 

I must stay safe at home 

And now I’m all alone! 


Cheri: COVID-19 

You stay away from me! 

I’ll have to wear this thing, 

But it makes it hard to sing! 

Tom, I’ve made a mask! 

T: You have? 

C: Ouis, Ouis, C’est un masque! Si? 

T: Oui, Oui, mon ami!  I always knew you could! I really hoped you would! Now we can go into the store and buy noble things for the good of our family! 

C: Yes, and then, Tom, you can stay with me at home. Oh, Tom, you can stay with me at home! 

Micah walks in: Uh, what are you guys doing?  

Cheri: Just singing a little quarantine song, Micah. 

Micah: Well, maybe you should go do dishes or something.  

Cheri: Yeah, ok. 

Announcer: This has been silly songs with Cheri. Turn in next time to hear Tom say:  

Tom: Cheri, I’ve finished this puzzle. 

Cheri: Oh, Tom. 

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