July Prayer Calendar for Kids

Welcome to the prayer calendar for July! Please use this calendar to help your children pray specific, big prayers this month.

Praying around the World

  1. Pray for the Christians in Mauritania.

2. Pray for the Christians in Turkey.

3. Pray for the Christians in China.

4. Pray for the United States of America. (Happy Independence Day to those of you from the USA!)

5. Pray for the Christians in Ethiopia.

6. Pray for the Christians in Tajikistan.

7. Spend time today praising God for His work around the world!

Praying for your Country

8. Pray for the leaders of your country.

9. Pray for the people living in poverty in your country.

10. Pray for the people who are living in slavery in your country and throughout the world.

11. Hold an underground service. Pray and sing quietly.

Praying for your Community

12. Pray for your community and community leaders.

13. Pray for the lifeguard at your local pool or beach.

14. Pray for the people who work at your local grocery stores.

15. Pray for the waiter and cooks at your favorite restaurant.

16. Pray for the leaders at your church.

17. Pray for your Sunday School teacher and all the other kids in your class.

18. Take a prayer walk around your neighborhood.

19. Pray for the people who coach your local sports’ teams.

20. Pray for the people who work at the closest movie theater to you.

Service Week!!!

21. Buy ice cream for a neighbor.

22. Water flowers for a neighbor.

23. Play catch with a neighbor or younger sibling.

24. Pick up trash around your neighborhood.

25. Invite a family over for a cookout and share the love of Jesus with them.

26. Praise God for the opportunities He gives you to serve Him each day!

Praying for Yourself

27. Ask God to help you in any area where you are being tempted.

28. Ask God to help you grow closer to Him in every way.

Praying the Fruit of the Spirit

29. Ask God to teach you how to live in His joy.

30. Ask God to help you to live in His peace.

31. Praise God for the way you grew closer to Him in July!


Homeschool Curriculum for the book of Acts

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  1. I love your web page. I worked with children with dyslexia.
    I also have a web page GodsLittleWarriors.org
    Our goal is to empower infants and toddlers to do Psalm 8:2
    I’d love to talk with you. Millie Gerhart

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