Storytime Plans: Hockey

Today's Passport Pals was so much fun! We are still in the country of Russia, so I decided to focus on a sport that many Russians love - hockey!  The kids I had in the group today seemed to really enjoy the hockey theme and so did I! Here are the plans that I used:... Continue Reading →

Storytime Plans: England – Knights

Our last week in England was spent looking at KNIGHTS! The boys in my group especially enjoyed this week! Not only did we talk about knights, but we also had a fun segue into Christmas with our last book (as you will see when you read the plans).  Here are the plans I used for... Continue Reading →

Passport Pals Week One: Around the World

These are the plans that I used for my first week of Passport Pals at the library where I work.  Passport Pals is a geography based storytime for children ages 5 and under. For this first week, I wanted to introduce the kids to our great big, wonderful world! Each week of Passport Pals, I... Continue Reading →

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