October 2016 Prayer Calendar

Here is this month’s prayer calendar for children. In it, you will find 31 different topics for prayer arranged in a kid-friendly way. Please use this calendar to help your children deepen their prayer lives!

Before you go, you might want to check out my Fun Fall Activities with Biblical Applications. These are all super easy activities that you probably already do with your children. What is special about them is that they all include ideas of how to turn these activities into teachable Bible moments! Hope you can use some of them!

Also, don’t forget to pick up your own calendar with ideas of how to pray for your children.

And now, here is this month’s calendar!

october-2016-prayer-calendar (printable)

1.  Make caramel apples and share them with a neighbor.

2. Praise God that He is unchanging!

3. Pray for children who have lost one or both of their parents.

4. Pray for someone you know who has parents that are divorced.

5. Pray for your parents and for their relationship with one another.

6. Pray for an opportunity to show someone forgiveness.

7. Pray for those who write books for kids and teens.

8. Light a candle and ask God to help you be a light in your community.

9. Praise God that He does not have any limitations.

10. Pray for those who practice law in your state and in your country.

11. Pray for the Supreme Court of the United States.

12. Pray for someone you know who needs Jesus.

13. Spend time today thanking God for the forgiveness He offers through Jesus Christ.

14. Pray for those who make video games.

15. Carve a cross into a pumpkin. Put it where others can see!

16. Praise God that He is all-wise!

17. Pray for farmers.

18. Pray for those who work at your local grocery store.

19. Pray for your church and for the people who work at your church.

20. Ask God to help you to be a forgiving person.

21. Pray for those who make movies and tv shows.

22. Rake leaves for a neighbor (for free)

23. Praise God that He is GOOD!

24. Pray for your doctor.

25. Pray for this year’s Presidential election in the United States.

26. Pray for the teachers in your local school system.

27. Ask God to forgive you for specific sins that you have committed recently.

28. Pray for the ability to stand strong and to do what is right no matter what!

29. Put together some candy bags with Bible verses in them and give them away.

30. Praise God that He is more powerful than anything else!

31. Pray for the leaders of your nation!


Thanksgiving is coming soon! If you are looking for a Bible reading plan to do with your family this year to help prepare for Thanksgiving, check out the link below!

6 Weeks of Thankfulness: A Bible Reading Plan for Families


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