October Prayer Calendar for Kids

Free Printable Prayer Calendar to help your family pray intentional, big prayers this month!

Here is this month’s prayer calendar for kids! Don’t forget that you can also pick up more prayer journal pages, as well as your guide to help you pray for your kids.
Have a great month! See you in November!


Printable Prayer Calendar

 Praying Around the World

  1. Let’s start our prayer tour of the world this month by recognizing that God loves all the nations of the world and that He wants people from every nation to come to know Him! Spend time praying for the gospel to be preached to every nation.  Here is a song to help you remember that Jesus loves EVERYONE!

2. Today, let’s pray for Puerto Rico. Pray especially for them as they recover from the devastation caused by the recent hurricane.

3.  Today, let’s pray for Mexico. Pray especially for them as they continue to recover from the recent earthquakes.

4. Today, let’s pray for the United Kingdom.

5. Today, let’s pray for Israel.

6. Today, let’s pray for Turkey.

7.  Spend today praising God for His work around the world. How have you seen Him work in different countries? How about in your own country? Have you heard any stories from missionaries about how God has been working? Read one of the stories found here and then praise God for His amazing work!

Praying for Your Country

8.  Spend time today praying for the leadership of your country. Pray for the President and his family, for the Vice President and his family, and for the members of congress. Pray for each member of your government to know Jesus as Lord and Savior!

9. Today, spend time praying for the judges who uphold the laws of your land. Pray that they will have wisdom when they make decisions, and that they will know the Truth. Pray that all decisions they make will be the right decisions and will bring glory to God.

10. Today, spend time praying for the future leadership of your country. Ask God to raise up strong Christians who will not be afraid to speak the truth and lead using godly values.

11. Pray today for the relationship of your country with other countries in the world. Pray that your country will help others and will point other nations to Christ.

12.  Pray for any issues your country is facing right now. What is happening in the news? Spend time praying for the major news items in your country today. Use a newspaper to help you or find some ideas here.

Praise Day

13. Spend time today praising God. Read Psalm 136. If you can, find someone to read it with you. Take turns reading the first part of every verse, while the two (or more) of you say the 2nd part of each verse together each time. Make your own Psalm, following the pattern set up in Psalm 136.

Sing this song of praise:

Praying for Your Community

14. Pray today for all of your neighbors by name. If you are able, take time to visit your neighbors and find out if they have anything special that they would like you to pray about!

15. Pray today for the poor or homeless in your community. Ask God to help them find Him and to see Him provide for them. If you are able, take time to visit and volunteer at a homeless shelter or make goody bags with water bottles and peanut butter sandwiches to hand out to any homeless people in your community.

16. Pray today for the women who have lost husbands in your community. Pray that they will reach out to Jesus and that He will help them deal with their loss. If you are able, find visit a woman you know who has lost her husband and do something nice for her!

17. Pray today for any issue your community is facing right now. Ask God to help your community work together and make the right decisions about this issue!

18. Pick one person in your community that you don’t really know very well. Pray for this person and his/her family.

Praying for Big Issues

19. Pray today for people everywhere to understand that every life is important and that every person is special and loved by God.

20. Pray today for people everywhere to understand that there are certain things that are always right and certain things that are always wrong. Pray that God’s Word will be recognized as the standard for what is right and wrong.

Praise Day

21. Spend time today praising God for His Word – the Bible! Thank Him for giving His Word to us! Read Psalm 119:9-16. Sing a song!

Praying for Your Family

22. Pray today for every member of your family – and for their relationship with Jesus! Pray that each person in your family will love Jesus and do exactly what He wants them to do! Pray that your family will encourage others and lead others to Jesus!

23. Pray today for your family to be able to spend time together. Pray that you will be able to handle the crazy schedules that might come up and that you will always be able to stay close to each other.

24. Pray today for your family to be able to deal with any tough situations you may be facing. Ask God to give you strength and wisdom and to show you exactly what you need to do.

25. Pray today for anyone in your family who is not a Christian. Ask God to give you opportunities to share His love with that person, and pray that that person will decide to give his/her life to Jesus.

Praying for Yourself

26. Pray today for your relationship with Jesus. Ask God to show you if there is anything in your life that you need to change, and ask Him to give you the strength to make those changes! Ask God to help you love Him more than anything else in your life!

27. Pray today for anything that makes you afraid. Ask God to help you deal with the fear, and ask Him to help you know that He is always with you.

28. Pray today for God to help you make wise decisions and choices in every area of your life.

Praying the Fruit of the Spirit

29. Pray today for GENTLENESS. Ask God to help you be gentle in the answers you give to people and in the way you deal with people. Ask Him to help you learn to control your anger and to have a gentle heart.

Praise Day

30. Spend time today praising God for His creativity! Look at the world around you – can you see the beauty that He created? Draw a picture of what you see and pick a Bible verse to put on the top of it. Hang this picture somewhere in your house and use it to share with others about the beauty of God’s creation!

Service Project

31. Put together small bags of candy with Bible verses to give away to the people in your neighborhood. Include an invitation to go to church with you! Give these away and tell people that God loves them!



October 2016 Prayer Calendar

Free Printable Prayer Calendar for children!

Here is this month’s prayer calendar for children. In it, you will find 31 different topics for prayer arranged in a kid-friendly way. Please use this calendar to help your children deepen their prayer lives!

Before you go, you might want to check out my Fun Fall Activities with Biblical Applications. These are all super easy activities that you probably already do with your children. What is special about them is that they all include ideas of how to turn these activities into teachable Bible moments! Hope you can use some of them!

Also, don’t forget to pick up your own calendar with ideas of how to pray for your children.

And now, here is this month’s calendar!

october-2016-prayer-calendar (printable)

1.  Make caramel apples and share them with a neighbor.

2. Praise God that He is unchanging!

3. Pray for children who have lost one or both of their parents.

4. Pray for someone you know who has parents that are divorced.

5. Pray for your parents and for their relationship with one another.

6. Pray for an opportunity to show someone forgiveness.

7. Pray for those who write books for kids and teens.

8. Light a candle and ask God to help you be a light in your community.

9. Praise God that He does not have any limitations.

10. Pray for those who practice law in your state and in your country.

11. Pray for the Supreme Court of the United States.

12. Pray for someone you know who needs Jesus.

13. Spend time today thanking God for the forgiveness He offers through Jesus Christ.

14. Pray for those who make video games.

15. Carve a cross into a pumpkin. Put it where others can see!

16. Praise God that He is all-wise!

17. Pray for farmers.

18. Pray for those who work at your local grocery store.

19. Pray for your church and for the people who work at your church.

20. Ask God to help you to be a forgiving person.

21. Pray for those who make movies and tv shows.

22. Rake leaves for a neighbor (for free)

23. Praise God that He is GOOD!

24. Pray for your doctor.

25. Pray for this year’s Presidential election in the United States.

26. Pray for the teachers in your local school system.

27. Ask God to forgive you for specific sins that you have committed recently.

28. Pray for the ability to stand strong and to do what is right no matter what!

29. Put together some candy bags with Bible verses in them and give them away.

30. Praise God that He is more powerful than anything else!

31. Pray for the leaders of your nation!


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