February 2016 Prayer Calendar for Children

It’s February . . . and here’s the February Prayer Calendar for Children.   I hope this prayer calendar helps to focus your prayer life and helps your children learn that their prayers can be BIGGER than they are!

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Also, don’t forget to pick up your own prayer list with 29 different ways to pray for your children this month.  You can find that list here.

Have a great month, and KEEP PRAYING!!!


February 2016

February 2016 Prayer Calendar (printable)

1 Pray for Russia.

2 Pray for your next door neighbor.

3 Pray for your mom and dad.

4 Ask God to teach you how to be a forgiving person.

5 Pray for the National Football League and other sports organizations.

6 Make a pot of chili for a neighbor.

7 Praise God for His POWER!

8 Pray for Canada.

9 Pray for your local church.

10 Pray for someone you know who is hurting.

11 Pray for the forgiveness of your nation.

12 Pray for the music industry . . and your favorite musician!

13 Make your own Christ-centered Valentine’s Day Cards!

14 Praise God for His EVERLASTING Love!

15 Pray for South Africa.

16 Pray for your minister(s) and his family.

17 Pray for someone you know who is sick.

18 Pray for the ability to know when you need to apologize – and the strength to do it!

19 Pray for the people who make video games.

20 Make heart shaped cookies and deliver them to an elderly friend!

21 Praise God for His GRACE!

22 Pray for Italy.

23 Pray for your local school system.

24 Pray for someone you know who does not know Jesus.

25 Ask God to search your heart and show you the areas you need to change.

26 Pray for your favorite author!

27 Do something nice for your parents (and be sure to tell them you love them!)

28 Praise God for His CREATIVITY!

29 We have an extra day this year! Pray for an EXTRA opportunity to share God’s love with others!


The Feast: A 7 Week Easter Study for Families

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