January 2016 Prayer Calendar for Children

Happy New Year!

What better way to start a new year than with a new prayer calendar?

If you have used these before, I’d like to welcome you back  and I hope that these calendars have helped you and your children pray BIG prayers . . . and that you have seen some BIG answers!

If this is your first time here, I’d like to welcome you and invite you to stick around for awhile . . . check out the Bible reading plans, Bible lessons for families and churches, and other resources here at Ministry Mom.

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And now, the reason you are here . . .

January 2016 Prayer Calendar for Children

Jan prayer calendar for children (printable)

1 Spend time thanking God for another year! Ask Him to help you make this year count!

2 Set some goals for 2016. Write them down and pray about them.

3 Praise God that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

4 Pray for students around the world to be drawn to Jesus Christ.

5 Pray for those who are working on translating the Bible into different languages.

6 Pray for your family to draw closer to Jesus in 2016.

7 Ask God to help you understand what it means to truly forgive.

8 Pray for those who are in prison.

9 Go through all your stuff and choose some items to give away.

10 Praise God that He knows what the future holds for you!

11 Pray for the future president of the United States.

12 Pray for those who are being persecuted for their faith.

13 Pray for your family to draw closer to each other in 2016.

14 Ask God to help you forgive someone who has hurt you.

15 Pray for those who are in church leadership to be able to resist temptation..

16 Find someone to encourage today!

17 Praise God that He is merciful!

18 Pray for your favorite professional athlete.

19 Pray for the missionaries in the Middle East.

20 Pray for your mom and dad and their relationship with one another.

21 Ask God to help you recognize when you need to ask someone to forgive you.

22 Ask God to help you resist temptation when it comes your way.

23 Send a card to someone . . . just because!

24 Praise God that He is all-powerful!

25 Pray for the actors in your favorite movie or tv show.

26 Pray for God to raise up future missionaries – maybe you???

27 Pray for your relationship with your siblings (or, if you have no siblings, your other relatives.)

28 Ask God to help you to be a forgiving, loving person.

29 Pray for your friends to be able to withstand temptation when it comes their way!

30 Do something fun with your parents today!

31 Praise God that His love never fails!!!!


Are you involved in children’s ministry in your local church?  Let me remind you that Easter is coming soon . . . NOW is the time to find a good Easter play for your church’s Resurrection celebration!  I have three that I have written and performed with the kids in my ministry, and one of them might work for your ministry, too!  Check them out here.

By the Tree an Easter Play


A Letter From Jerusalem

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