November 2015 Prayer Calendar: 30 Days of Giving Thanks

This is a prayer calendar for November that focuses on giving thanks. Here you will find 30 days worth of prayer ideas to help you and your child develop a grateful heart.

This month’s prayer calendar has a special focus on thankfulness.  Giving thanks is a very important part of prayer, so we are going to dedicate an entire month to thankfulness!  This month you can help your child spend a little time each day thanking God for the blessings He has given.  You will find 30 ideas in this calendar, but I’m sure you and your child can think of even more!  Don’t let this prayer calendar limit your gratitude.  Instead, use this calendar as a starting point to help you and your children express your thankfulness this month.

You might also be interested in the Thankfulness Bible Reading Plan.  This is another great way to help your child develop a grateful heart.

And, while you’re at it, jump on over and pick up your copy of the 365 Days of Praying for Your Child prayer guide for November.  This one is also focused on thankfulness!

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Have a great November and Keep Praying!


PS.  I know that some of you might find this time of the year rather difficult.  Perhaps you are going through circumstances that make it extremely challenging to have a thankful heart.  Life is tough, and sometimes, after dealing with the hurts and struggles of life, we feel like we have little, if any, energy left over for giving thanks.  If this describes you, please, please, PLEASE read Giving Thanks: When It’s Really Hard to be Thankful.  I wrote it for you.

November Prayer Calendar

November 2015 prayer calendar (printable)

Author: Cheri Gamble

Cheri Gamble is a minister's wife and mom to five boys who lives in Southwestern Lower Michigan. She and her husband, Tom, have been married for over twenty years and they have been involved with vocational ministry for just as long. Cheri is the author of over 15 books including devotionals and hands-on Bible Curriculum. She enjoys serving the children and youth at her church as a Sunday School teacher, children's worship leader, and children's music and drama leader. She also works as the Outreach Ministries Director at LifePlan, an organization with the mission of "Spreading the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life". In her free time, Cheri enjoys reading, writing, working on her blog, and watching football with her boys.

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