30 Days of Thanking God for Your Child: A Prayer Guide

This month’s prayer guide is focused on thanking God for your children.

God has blessed my husband and me with 5 wonderful (and very active) boys.  I am truly thankful that God has allowed me to be their mom and to have the time that I have with them.   These are my 5 blessings:

I am thankful for my boys

Perhaps I should give you a little background on this picture.  We were spending a morning at the park  when I had the great idea of taking a picture for the blog.  I set the camera up, arranged the boys and said, “This is for the blog, look like you are happy and having fun!”

I am thankful for boys who are willing to look like they are happy and having fun!

Anyway, this month continues the 365 Days of Praying for Your Child challenge with an entire month focused on ideas for thankfulness.  Imagine what could happen if we spent time every day thanking God for our children instead of complaining about our children . . . and then if we went one step further and told our children how thankful we are for them!

 Try telling them that every. single. day.

That might just change a few attitudes . . . including ours.

So print off this month’s calendar (or come back to this page every day to find the idea for the month) and focus the next 30 days on thanking God for the incredible blessings of your children.


PS.  You might also want to pick up a copy of the November Prayer Calendar to share with your family, and then like my facebook page and join the group “Raising Godly Kids” for more encouragement as you live out God’s calling of being a godly parent.

ONE MORE PS.    I know that some of you might find this time of the year rather difficult.  Perhaps you are going through circumstances that make it extremely challenging to have a thankful heart.  Life is tough, and sometimes, after dealing with the hurts and struggles of life, we feel like we have little, if any, energy left over for giving thanks.  If this describes you, please, please, PLEASE read Giving Thanks: When It’s Really Hard to be Thankful.  I wrote it for you.

30 Days of Thanking God for Your Child

Praying for your Child November (printable)

praying for children november

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