August 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

This is a prayer calendar that is meant to help children (and families) grow their prayer lives and their faith.

Children want to pray, but it can often be difficult for them to think of things to pray for.  “Will you pray for my rabbit?”,  “My chicken needs prayer,” “Pray that I can get a guinea pig”  . . .  these are all prayer requests I have received when working with children.  We smile at these requests and shrug them off as childhood concerns, but adults can be just as bad.

How many times has a prayer meeting you’ve attended turned into a list of all the health concerns of the members of your congregation and their families?

Don’t get me wrong, God certainly cares about our health concerns and He wants us to hold one another up in prayer.  However, prayer is meant to be so much MORE than that!  We ALL need to learn how to pray BIG . . . how to open our eyes and hearts to the greater needs in the world around us and to take those needs to our Father.

The monthly prayer calendars for children are meant to help kids think BIGGER when it comes to prayer.  They follow the pattern set up in the Lord’s Prayer.  Every Sunday is focused on an attribute of God (“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name”), Mondays and Tuesdays are focused worldwide and nationwide, often with an emphasis on missions and the persecuted church,  (“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”), Wednesdays are focused on areas that are closer to us, such as family and friends (“Give us today our daily bread”), Thursdays are focused on forgiveness (“forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”), and Fridays are focused on temptation (“Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”).  Every Saturday, there is a suggestion of an activity that the children can do to help put their faith into action.

So please, print off this month’s prayer calendar for your kids (or scroll down and find it all here on this page) and then share it with others who might want to use it, too.  Then help your kids use this calendar as a guide to get their prayers GROWING!!!

And, before you go, be sure to get your own prayer calendar with suggestions of how to intentionally pray for your children every day of the month here.

Have a great month and KEEP PRAYING!



August 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

1 Help a neighbor pull weeds around his house or garden.

2 God is INFINITE. Thank Him that He can not be limited by our understanding of Him.

3 Pray for the people of Kenya to follow God’s ways and serve Him only.

4 Pray for the United Nations and for Christian leaders to arise from each nation.

5 Pray for your mailman and paper delivery person.

6 Thank God today for how He has forgiven you.

7 Ask God to help you to run from temptation.

8 Invite one of your friends to come to church with you.

9 God is LOVE. Thank Him for His everlasting love towards us.

10 Pray for the people of Kuwait to be exposed to God’s Word and to respond!

11 Pray for the government of the United States of America.

12 Pray for the administration of your local public school.

13 Ask God to help you show others forgiveness when needed.

14 Pray for the desire to listen to and watch only things that please God.

15 Make a card for someone who could use some extra encouragement!

16 God is FAITHFUL. Thank Him for always keeping His promises.

17 Pray for the church in Liberia to stay true to the Word of God.

18 Pray for the churches in your country to preach Biblical truth no matter what.

19 Pray for your family and any family needs you have.

20 Ask God to help you recognize when you need to ask others for forgiveness.

21 Ask God to help you to only say things that build others up.

22 Donate back to school items to a needy family.

23 God is our COMFORTER. Thank Him for His great compassion towards us.

24 Pray for the persecuted Christians in Columbia.

25 Pray for your local church to have an influence in your community and beyond.

26 Pray for your closest friends and their families.

27 Pray for the people in your nation to recognize sin for what it is and to sincerely repent of their sins.

28 Ask God to help your thoughts to please Him.

29 Make an apple pie for one of your neighbors!

30 God is SOVEREIGN. Thank Him for always being in control!

31 Pray for the persecuted Christians in Myanmar.

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