Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

This video gives some principles to remember about prayer as well as some practical, creative ways to make prayer part of your normal activities - an automatic response to every situation you face.

365 Days of Praying for your Child – August

In this post you will find 31 prayer suggestions for praying for your children throughout the month of August.  Feel free to print off the  list for your own personal use, and also be sure to pass it along to others. Praying for our children is such an important task.  As parents, we need to... Continue Reading →

August 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

This is a prayer calendar that is meant to help children (and families) grow their prayer lives and their faith. Children want to pray, but it can often be difficult for them to think of things to pray for.  "Will you pray for my rabbit?",  "My chicken needs prayer," "Pray that I can get a... Continue Reading →

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