Being Intentional: Prayer

{Listen} In this episode of the podcast, Cheri Gamble discusses being intentional in your prayer life and provides several practical suggestions for how to take advantage of normal every day moments for prayer.

Focus on Fathers Part Two

In this interview, Cheri talks with LifePlan Executive Director, Lyndon Azcuna about the challenges facing fathers today, how the Gospel speaks into those challenges, and practical suggestions for today's fathers.

Purity in the 21st Century: 10 Ways to Help Your Teen Stay Pure

  Raising godly children in today's society is a difficult task. The pressures and temptations that assault our children are strong and unyielding. As parents, we want what is best for our children, but we often find ourselves fighting against a culture that teaches that everything is okay – that there are no absolute truths... Continue Reading →

Chosen: 3 Special Adoption Stories

November is National Adoption Month. Won't you take a moment to read about three different adoption stories -- 1 that took place over 2,000 years ago, 1 that took place nearly 14 years ago, and 1 that could take place today!

To: My Boys RE: Your Spiritual Growth

My darling boys, Earlier this summer, we planted sunflower seeds together. The package said that the seeds would grow to be 12 feet tall. It was difficult for you to understand what 12 feet tall meant, and you were skeptical when I told you that the flowers would grow to be taller than your dad.... Continue Reading →

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