Nonessential Items: Parody of Veggie Tales ‘His Cheeseburger’

This silly song was my absolute favorite! This is another live-action song with my husband helping out. It is based on “His Cheeseburger” by Veggie Tales and tells the story of a man searching for items that were labeled “nonessential” and could no longer be sold in the state of Michigan during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lyrics are included so you can sing along!


He said to her I’d like to buy plant seeds, 

And I might like to buy some mulch, too. 

She said to him “I can’t give you either” 

And he said, what do you mean, is this true? 

She said yes it is, but that section’s closed, 

You can’t buy plant seeds the law said 

Plant seeds and mulch are off limits, 

You’ll have to grow canned corn instead! 

Because they’re nonessential, 

Oh, Plants are nonessential 

Can’t buy them here, no, can’t get them here oh 

Plants are nonessential, 

They’re really nonessential 

Can’t buy them here 

But maybe you can get them later this year. 

He walked through the store in sadness, 

He may have teared up once or twice, 

When he spotted the section for painting, 

Painting his room would be nice. 

But as he got closer he saw it 

The caution tape was blocking his way 

Oh, wife, please do not get angry 

He’ll have to paint some other day! 

Because it’s nonessential 

Oh, paint is nonessential 

Can’t buy it here, no, can’t get it here oh, 

Paint is nonessential, it’s really nonessential 

Can’t buy it here, oh maybe you can paint next year! 

Oh, he loves the nonessentials with all his heart 

And it is sad that COVID-19’s keeping them apart 

And to get his garden veggies this year on his plate 

He will have to smuggle plant seeds from another state 

‘Cause if he’s going to get to paint or plant his seeds in the dirt 

He has to cross state lines for you, take that chance for you,  

Leave his home state just for you, 

Cause they are nonessential items. 

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