Jesus is Coming Soon: A Lesson for Preschoolers

This is a Bible Lesson for preschoolers that teaches the fact that Jesus is coming soon that you can use for Sunday School, Children’s Church, or even your own family Bible time. Enjoy!

Keep serving Jesus!


Opening Activities:

  1. Play cloud charades. When the music is playing, the kids should move around the room pretending to be clouds. When the music stops, they should stand perfectly still just like a cloud. As they are standing still, talk about all the cool shapes of clouds you see in the classroom! When you finish, say: You guys made some really great clouds! When Jesus left the earth, He went up in the clouds. Guess what? Some day He is coming back, and He will come back down from the clouds! For added fun, give the kids a handful of cotton balls to hold onto while they are moving around!
  2. Play “Put the cloud in the sky”. Give each child a cutout shape of a cloud or a cotton ball with tape rolled up on the back. Make one area in your room (on the wall or a bulletin board) the sky. Blindfold the kids, spin them around, and have them put their clouds in the sky. Take the blindfolds off and let the kids look at where they placed their clouds. Say: Great job with your clouds! Look at this wonderful sky you guys made! When Jesus left the earth, He went up in the clouds. Some day He is coming back . . down from the clouds, the same as He went up!
  3. Play “Find Jesus in the clouds”. Fill a bowl full of mini-marshmallows. Use a gummy bear for Jesus. Put Jesus somewhere in the bowl, under the marshmallows. Let the kids take turns finding Jesus (or give each child his own bowl and see who can find Jesus first). When you finish, say: Great job finding Jesus in the clouds! When Jesus comes back, we won’t have to search for Him, though. Everyone everywhere will be able to see Jesus! (You can also use cotton balls instead of marshmallows and a paper cutout of Jesus instead of gummy bears for this activity.)

The Lesson:

Beforehand, have a bag full of cotton balls. Have the kids sit down for the lesson and then show them the bag. Let each child reach into the bag and pull one of the cotton balls out. They can hold onto the cotton ball throughout the lesson.

Say: Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Then He rose from the dead! He was alive again! After being with his friends for several days, it was time for Him to go back to heaven. He went up in the clouds, and his disciples watched him go. They stared into the sky as he went up. Can you make your clouds go up?

Have the kids slowly move their cotton balls up as high as they can. You can have them stand up so they can reach up higher if you want.

Say: After awhile an angel appeared. The angel asked the disciples why they were still looking up in to the sky. The angel said that Jesus would one day come back – just like He went away. He will one day come back down from the clouds. Can you make your clouds come back down?

Have the kids slowly move their cotton balls down as low as they can. They can even lie down on the ground to get their cotton ball clouds to the lowest possible point.

Say: Has Jesus come back yet? No, he hasn’t! But He could come back any time! He could come back today or tomorrow or the next day. We don’t know when He will come back. No one knows when He will come back except God. So, what do we do while we wait for Jesus to come back? We tell others about Him! We tell others that Jesus loves them and died for them! Let’s make our clouds into the shape of a heart to remind us to tell people that Jesus loves them!

Help the kids change the shape of their clouds to resemble a heart. Have them hold their clouds in that shape as you say a quick prayer, asking God to help each person tell someone else that Jesus loves them!

Additional Activities:

1. Make Cloud dough. Play in it while you talk about today’s lesson.

2. Give the kids cotton balls, cardstock paper, and other coloring/art supplies. Let them use the cotton balls to make clouds in the sky on their paper, and then use the coloring and art supplies to make a picture. Have them draw Jesus coming down on the clouds (or provide cut-out pictures of Jesus that they can glue on the paper if you prefer.)

3. Make a cloud snack using bananas and whipped cream (or yogurt if you want a healthier option). Give each kid a bunch of sliced bananas and have them put the bananas together to form clouds. Give them the yogurt and have them spread the yogurt over top of the bananas to make an even fluffier cloud! If you want, you can provide gummy bears or teddy grahams to stand for Jesus and have them stick their “Jesus” on top of the clouds. Talk about how Jesus will come back in the clouds some day! Eat the snack.


Looking for a fun yet meaningful Bible Curriculum for your kids for this school year! How about one of these?

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