New Year’s Bible Reading Plan for Young Children

Happy New Year!  What better way to start the new year than with the Bible?  This is a Bible reading plan for young children  that focuses on all things NEW.  Each week, we will read about a different “new” from the Bible — New life, New purpose, New Names, New Songs &  2 weeks of a New Command — which just happens to be “love”, taking us into Valentine’s Day.   I pray that this plan will help you and your family grow closer to the Lord in this new year!  Feel free to print off the plan for yourself, or just keep scrolling and you will see the entire plan right here on this page.

Do you have older children or teenagers? You can find the plan for independent readers here.

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May this be your best year of spiritual growth ever!


w Year Bible Reading Plan for Young Children

New Year’s Plan — Read to Me (printable version)

Week One : “New Life”

___ Day One: 2 Corinthians 5:17
What happens to someone who becomes a Christian? When we love Jesus, He makes us BRAND NEW and BEAUTIFUL! Let’s sing this song together!

___ Day Two: 2 Kings 20:1-11
What happened to Hezekiah in these verses? What did Hezekiah do when he heard he was going to die? He PRAYED didn’t he? Make a prayer craft with your child:

___ Day Three: Luke 19:1-10
What happened to Zaccheus? Did Jesus change his life? How? Let’s watch this video and sing the song together:

___ Day Four: Acts 9:1-9, 17-18
What happened to Saul? Did his life change? How? Spend time acting out this passage with your child. Gather some of his toys to take part. Use a flashlight to “shine the bright light” on “Saul”. Take turns speaking in a deep voice and playing the part of Jesus. Have fun together! Be sure to stress that if God can change Saul’s life, God can change anyone!

___ Day Five: Revelation 21:3-5
What will God make new one day? ALL THINGS!! Some day there will be no more pain or crying or sickness . . . everything will be perfect! Paint a picture together of what your child thinks heaven will be like, or make a “heaven craft”.

 Week Two: “New Purpose”

___ Day One: Philippians 3:13-14

What are we supposed to press on to? What is the prize? Make an obstacle course with your child. Then, have your child go through it. Each time he comes to a new obstacle, encourage him to keep going to get the prize! When he finishes, reward him with a big hug (or a special treat – or make a crown together to use, see below). Talk about how we have obstacles in our life, too, but we need to always do the right thing and love Jesus and one day He will reward us!

___ Day Two: 1 Samuel 16:6-13
Who did God choose in these verses? Is it a surprise that God chose David? Why? David was the youngest in his family and he did not look much like a king. However, God still had a plan for him! God has a plan for you, too, even if you aren’t very big!

___ Day Three: Luke 5:1-11
What happened to the fishermen? What did Jesus want the fishermen to do? They became followers of Jesus – the first disciples! God wants you to be His follower, too! Let’s sing this song together:

And let’s make a craft!

___ Day Four: Luke 5:27-32
Who followed Jesus in this passage? How did Jesus change his life? Jesus asked people to follow Him and they did! Play a game of “Follow the leader”. Talk about how important it is that we follow Jesus!
___ Day Five: Ephesians 5:1-2
According to these verses, who are we supposed to be like? How can you be like God? Play a game of “Simon Says” to help your child learn what it is to “imitate”. Take turns being “Simon”.

Week Three: “New Name”

___ Day One: Revelation 2:17

What does God promise to give to His people in these verses? God knows YOUR name, and He has a new, special name just for you! Make a “name” craft together:

___ Day Two: Genesis 17:1-5
Who was given a new name in this passage? Abraham was given a promise from God that he would be the father of many nations. Let’s sing this song together:

___ Day Three: Genesis 32:24-28
Who was given a new name in this passage? This passage talks about how Jacob wrestled with man and with God! Can you imagine wrestling with God?? Have a wrestling/tickling match with your child, all the while stressing how much God loves him/her.

___ Day Four: Matthew 16:13-18
Who was given a new name in this passage? Peter was given a new name to show  that God had a new plan for his life. God has a plan for YOUR life, too! You can do great things for God! God called Simon “Peter” which means “Rock”. Have your child  find a rock and decorate it to remind him of how special he is to God.

___ Day Five: Acts 11:19-26
This new name applies to all of us. What is the new name? Can you call yourself by that name? Sing along (just echo the words . . . it’s easy and fun!)

Week Four: “New Songs” 

___ Day One: Ephesians 5:19-20
How are we supposed to speak to one another? What are some ways that you can make a melody in your heart to the Lord? Here’s a song that might help:

___ Day Two: Exodus 15:1-3
Who sang a new song to the Lord in this passage? Why? The Israelites were thankful to God and they showed it by singing to Him! Make your own instruments and sing to God today.

 ___ Day Three: 2 Samuel 6:15
Who celebrated the Lord in these verses? How did they celebrate the Lord? Have a dance party for Jesus today! 

___ Day Four: Psalm 33:1-3
What kind of song are we supposed to sing to the Lord? What would your new song sound like? Let’s make another instrument and praise God some more!

___ Day Five: Revelation 4:9-11
What is one of the things we are going to be doing in Heaven? I wonder where Heaven is? Some people think of clouds when they think of heaven. Make some “cloud dough” with your child and then let him use the cloud dough to create a picture of what he thinks heaven will be like.

 Week Five: “New Command”

___ Day One: John 13:34-35
What is the “new commandment” Jesus gave to His disciples? Why do you think it is important for us to love others? Make a heart craft/bird feeder with your child.  Talk about what it means to love while you are making it.

___ Day Two: John 15:12-14
How do we show that we are a friend to Jesus? What is the command we are supposed to follow? It is the command to LOVE!! Make a heart craft while talking about how we can love others.

___ Day Three: Colossians 3:12-14
We are supposed to PUT ON love! It’s like we get up in the morning, and after we get dressed, we also put on love . . . and then we show love to everyone we see!   Help your child decorate an old t-shirt or hat (or anything you wear) to represent love. Then help him “put it on” to remind him to love everyone! (Here are some additional ideas: use a hot glue gun and glue candy hearts around a pair of old sunglasses, make a hat, make anything you can think of that your child can wear. Have fun!)

___ Day Four: 1 John 4:7-8
What do you need to show others so that they know you love God? LOVE!! A song for today:

___ Day Five: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8(a)
What are some of the characteristics of love listed here? How are you doing with loving others? Make heart shaped cookies (or cupcakes, or any type of food) and deliver them to a neighbor as a way to show love!

Week Six: “New Command/Part Two”

___ Day One: Matthew 5:43-44
What type of people are we supposed to love according to these verses? We need to love everyone – even those people we don’t get along with! Choose one of these crafts to make and give away to someone you wouldn’t normally give a valentine to!

___ Day Two: Mark 12:29-31
What did Jesus say were the greatest commandments? Why do you think that is the case? Help your child memorize these verses. Use this to help or help your child draw his own pictures to go along with each part of the verse.

___ Day Three: Luke 10:30-37
According to this passage, who are we to love? Who is our neighbor? This is a fun story to act out with your child. Get some old toilet paper tubes and decorate them to stand for each character in the story. Then act it out together! Have fun! Here is a video for today as well:

___ Day Four: John 13:1-12
How did Jesus show love to His disciples in this passage? He did something that no one else wanted to do – he washed his disciples’ yucky feet! Wash your child’s feet today! Have fun with this – wash them, and then turn it into a tickle time, letting your child know how much you love him and how much God loves him!

___ Day Five: John 3:16
How did God show His love to us? What does this mean to you? Make a valentine card/craft to help share the love of Christ with someone who needs Him


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