New Year’s Bible Reading Plan for Independent Readers

Happy New Year!  What better way to start the new year than with the Bible?  This is a Bible reading plan for independent readers that focuses on all things NEW.  Each week, we will read about a different “new” from the Bible — New life, New purpose, New Names, New Songs &  2 weeks of a New Command — which just happens to be “love”, taking us into Valentine’s Day.   I pray that this plan will help you and your family grow closer to the Lord in this new year!  Feel free to print off the plan for yourself, or just keep scrolling and you will see the entire plan right here on this page.

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May this be your best year of spiritual growth ever!


New Years Bible Reading Plan for older children and teens

New Year’s Plan — Independent (printable version)

Week One:  “New Life”

___ Day One: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 What happens to someone who becomes a Christian? What do you think the “old things” that pass away are? Are there any “old things” in your life that you need to get rid of today? As you begin 2015, think about how you can be a new creation this year! Ask God to help you get rid of the old habits, attitudes, and sins and to be a new creation in Him! Here is a great, fun song you might enjoy:

___ Day Two: 2 Kings 20:1-11 What happened to Hezekiah in these verses? What was Hezekiah’s response when he was told he was going to die? How did God answer him? How was Hezekiah given a “new life”? Hezekiah faced a tough situation and his first response was to  PRAY! As a result, God answered his prayer and gave him 15 additional years – basically a new chance at life! Will you commit to making prayer YOUR first response to the challenges you face this year? Make a prayer pail for your family to use this year:

___ Day Three: Luke 19:1-10 Who was given a new life in this passage? How do you know his life changed? Can others tell that YOU are a new creation in Christ? How? Verse 10 gives us a glimpse of what Jesus’s mission on earth was. This should also be our mission, too. What is it? Will you commit to making that your focus this year? Here is a fun video to go along with today’s reading:

___ Day Four: Acts 9:1-22 Who was given a new life in this passage? What was his life like before he met Jesus? How did that change after he met Jesus? Do you know anyone who has had a dramatic change after meeting Jesus? Write out your testimony and be willing to share it with your friends!

___ Day Five: Revelation 21:1-9 What does God promise in these verses? What is your favorite part of this passage?  God will one day make ALL things new – and it will be FANTASTIC!! Celebrate that today! Draw or paint a picture of what you think the New Heaven and New Earth will look like. Here’s a picture you can download to color if you’d like.

 Additional Activities: Make a prayer journal for the year, Make a list of new things you would like to try this year, Make a list of goals for your relationship with God for this year, Share your testimony with a neighbor or friend.

Week Two: “New Purpose”

___ Day One: Philippians 3:1-14 What are some of the accomplishments that Paul listed in this passage? How did Paul’s purpose change after meeting Christ? How has your purpose changed? Is there anything that you need to leave in the past as you press on to the goal in 2015?  Here is a short devotion to go along with today’s passage that you might enjoy.

___ Day Two: 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Who was given a new purpose in these verses? What was his new purpose? David was the youngest in his family and he did not look much like a king. However, God saw past his outward appearance and planned to use Him in a great way. God has great plans for you, too! What do you think those plans might include? Here’s a fun video for you:

___ Day Three: Luke 5:1-11 Who was given a new purpose in this passage? How did these men show their commitment to Jesus? When Jesus called, these men left EVERYTHING and followed. Do you have that kind of commitment? You might enjoy this song:

___ Day Four: Luke 5:27-39 Who was given a new purpose in this passage? What was it? Notice the first thing Matthew did after Jesus called him as a disciple. What was it? Matthew immediately introduced his friends to Jesus. Are you introducing YOUR friends to Jesus?

___ Day Five: Ephesians 4:17-5:2 According to these verses, what should your new purpose/new life be like? Who should you be like? Who should always be your example? How are you doing as an “imitator of God”? Are there any areas where you need to improve?

Additional Activities: Make a list of goals for this year to help you fulfill your purpose in Jesus Christ, invite some of your friends to a church/Christian activity, Play a game of “Go Fish” with someone to remind you of how you need to be a “fisher of men”.

Week Three: “New Name”

___ Day One: Revelation 2:17, Revelation 3:7-13 What does God promise to give to His people in these verses? What do you think is important about having a new name? God knows you by name, He loves you, and He has His own special name for you! How does that make you feel?  A great song for this week


___ Day Two: Genesis 17:1-8 Who was given a new name in this passage? Why? What was the promise that he was also given? Do you know that, if you are a Christian, you are considered a son of Abraham, too? Just for fun (and to drive your parents crazy), let’s sing  this song:

___ Day Three: Genesis 32:24-32 Who was given a new name in this passage? Why? Do you ever feel like you struggle with man and with God? Just remember, God LOVES you! He sees your struggle and He will help you!

___ Day Four: Matthew 16:13-20 Who was given a new name in this passage? Why do you think he was given his new name? God had a great purpose for Peter’s life, and He chose a name that went along with that purpose! God has a great purpose for YOUR life, too!

___ Day Five: Acts 11:19-26 This new name applies to all of us. What is the new name? Can you call yourself by that name? Sing along!


Additional Activities: Talk with your parents about how they decided on your name, Research what your name means  , Make an acrostic poem using your name and your personality traits.  

Week Four:  “New Songs”

___Day One: Ephesians 5:15-21 How are we supposed to speak to one another? What should our attitudes be like towards the Lord? What are some ways that you can make a melody in your heart to the Lord? Here’s a song that might help:


___ Day Two: Exodus 15:1-21 Who sang a new song to the Lord in this passage? Why? The Israelites were rejoicing at what God had done for them, and they shared their joy by making a song about it. What has God done for you? Try making a song about it today!

 ___Day Three: 2 Samuel 6:12-23 Who celebrated the Lord in these verses? Why? David was ridiculed for his worship style, but he did not let that stop him from worshiping! In fact, what was his response? Are you willing to worship Jesus no matter what others might say? Here’s a song for today: (the kids at our church like to do the chicken dance with this song. Try it on the chorus, it’s fun 🙂

___Day Four: Psalm 33 What kind of song are we supposed to sing to the Lord? Why? Why do you think God wants us to sing new songs to Him? I think that singing new songs to God is one of the ways we show we are created in His image! He is CREATIVE, and He loves it when we are creative in our worship! What are some creative ways that YOU can worship Him today?

___ Day Five: Revelation 4 What is one of the things we are going to be doing in Heaven? Spend time practicing today!


Additional Activities: Make a praise band and spend time worshiping the Lord, make your own music video, Sing a special in church or help lead a new song at your church.

Week Five:   “New Command”

___ Day One: John 13:31-35 What is the “new commandment” Jesus gave to His disciples? How are we supposed to love one another? Jesus was our example, and He loved us enough to die for us. How are you doing with this new command? How have you shown that you love the people in your life?

___ Day Two: John 15:12-17 What is the command mentioned in this passage? How do we show that we are a friend to Jesus? What are some practical ways that you can love those around you today?

___ Day Three: Colossians 3:1-17 According to verse 14, what should we put on? What are some of the ways love is expressed in this passage? When you have the love of Christ in you, you want to share it with others! When you share His love with others, great things can happen. Try this experiment to show how God can take something little (like us and our love) and use it to do great things for Him. How can this experiment  relate to today’s Bible reading?

___ Day Four: 1 John 4:7-21 What quality do all the people who are friends of God have in their lives? How can the world know that we are a follower of God? How are you doing in that area? Can everyone tell you are a Christian by the love you have for others? A song for today:

___ Day Five: 1 Corinthians 13 How important is love according to this passage? What are some of the characteristics of love listed here? Which of these qualities is easiest for you? Which ones are hard? Spend time praying for that today! Here is another way to read these verses:

Additional Activities: Bake heart shaped sugar cookies for your neighbors and deliver them as a way of expressing love, Make & take Valentine’s Cards to a nursing home, Practice putting the needs of others above your own this week.

Week Six: “New Command/Part Two”

___ Day One: Matthew 5:38-48 What type of people are we supposed to love according to these verses? This is a very hard concept, isn’t it? We are supposed to LOVE our enemies! How can we do that? What are some practical ways that you can show love to those people who do not love us? Play a memory verse game to help you memorize one of the verses from today’s passage.

___ Day Two: Mark 12:28-34 What did Jesus say were the greatest commandments? Why do you think that is the case?

___ Day Three: Luke 10:25-37 According to this passage, who are we to love? Who is our neighbor? What does that mean for you? Is there someone near you that you would normally try to ignore that you need to reach out to with the love of Christ this week?

___ Day Four: John 13:1-20 How did Jesus show love to His disciples in this passage? How does serving others show love? What are some ways that you can show the love of Christ through service? Choose a service project to do with your family:

___ Day Five: John 3:1-21 How did God show His love to us? What does this mean to you? Make a valentine card/craft to help share the love of Christ with someone who needs Him. Here are a few ideas: (change it to say “God loves you to pieces”) (put a Bible verse in as the message) (sun-catchers – you could also make them cross shaped – make one cross and one heart to remind the recipient of God’s love!)

Additional Activities: Go “Valentine” caroling! Visit some people you know and sing songs of God’s love to them, Have a “foot washing” ceremony with your family to remind you of service, Draw names and do a “secret service” activity – you have to try to “outserve” the person’s name you draw.


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  1. Cheri – this is wonderful and an answer to my own prayers…

    We home educate our only son and I have struggled to cover scripture meaningfully (in an engaging way) with our son. Believe it or not, we are going to use your study NIGHTLY as a family study! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

    Joyfully, Shelah

  2. Cheri-

    I just sent you a FB friend request so you can see pictures of my Sunday crew participating in your reading plan. There’s a lot of cuteness on our page 🙂 Thank you for putting this plan together. Everyone has loved it!

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