What is Ministry Mom?

Ministry Mom is a place for moms of all ages to find ideas, support, and encouragement as they seek to raise godly children.


Being a mom is hard!  Being a mom who raises godly kids is even harder!

Think about it — it is easy to raise secular children.  We can do that without any effort whatsoever!  But raising godly kids?  That is one of the most difficult tasks there is — but it is also one of the most important ministries ever!

Isn’t it great to know that we do not have to do it alone?  As Christians, we have the Spirit of God helping us . . .

and we also have one another.


As Christian friends, we can support one another through the ups and downs of Christian parenting.  We can give ideas for ways to help our kids grow spiritually, and we can give encouragement for those days when we just want to quit.

That is what Ministry Mom is all about.

Are you looking for intentional ways to help your kids grow spiritually?  Check out the monthly prayer calendars, Bible reading plans, and Fun Family Bible Times!

Are you looking for encouragement in your relationship with your spouse?  Check out the Marriage Moments!

Do you have a special needs child?  So do I!  Perhaps you can be encouraged by reading through some of my articles on dyslexia!

Or perhaps you need some encouragement in your own relationship with the Lord.  There are several devotions  . . . I’m sure one of them will speak to you right where you are today!

Wherever you are on your parenting journey, Ministry Mom is designed to help.  It is a place for YOU to find encouragement and ideas as you embark on the most important job you will ever have . . . raising children who love the Lord!

Let's get our children reading the Bible this summer!

I hope that you will decide to become a part of the Ministry Mom family.  Together, we can help each other impact our own families, which will impact the world for Jesus Christ!


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