The Call: A Summer Bible Reading Plan for Young Children

This post contains a summer Bible reading plan for young children.  It includes 10 weeks of Scripture, suggested activities, crafts, snacks, and more, to help your child discover that God has a call for his life.  Help your child grow closer to Jesus this summer by taking a few minutes every day to read His Word together!  Print off the reading plan or scroll down and find the entire plan right here on this page.  The plan begins on June 8, however feel free to use this plan whenever works best for you!  When you begin and when you end is not important — what is important is that you are helping your child get into the Word of God!

If you have older children or teenagers, you can find their summer Bible reading plan here:

The Call: A 10-Week Study for Families and ChurchesThis year there is also a companion book available for families or churches that want to go even deeper into the theme of “The Call”.  Our church is using it as a guide for our Summer Kidz Zone program.  We will be encouraging the families in our church to participate in the Bible Reading Program, and then we will be focusing on one of the weeks of “The Call” each week at our Summer Kidz Zone program.  The companion book offers ideas for games, lessons, skits, crafts, snacks, songs, and more.  If you would like to use the book for your church or family, you can find out more information by clicking on the picture to the left.

I would also like to invite you to join our facebook group — “Raising Godly Kids” — for encouragement and accountability as you participate in “The Call” this summer.  Find the facebook group at the following link:

And now, here is this year’s Summer Bible Reading Plan for Young Children — “The Call”.

The Call a summer Bible Reading plan for young childrenThe Call for Younger Children (printable pdf)

God Wants your child to do GREAT things for Him!

God has a call for your young child! This call is clearly presented in Scripture, and, for the next 10 weeks, you can help your child discover what that call is! You will help your child discover ten specific ways God has called him: The Call to Follow, The Call to Go, The Call to Tell, The Call to Testify, The Call to Be Bold, The Call to Stand, The Call to Be Different, The Call to Sacrifice, The Call to Serve and The Call to Praise.

Will you take the challenge to help your child spend time with Jesus every day? Will you read the Bible to him, do the activities together, and help him to pray? Will YOU help your child answer The Call?

Week One — The Call to Follow (June 8-12)
God wants you to follow Him . . . wherever He leads! He wants YOU to be His special child, His disciple, His follower. Will you follow Jesus today?

___ Monday: Acts 2:38-39. What did Peter tell the people to do? He told them to repent and be baptized! That means you say you are sorry for all the wrong things you have done and you stop doing them! Then you ask Jesus to be in charge of your life forever – you promise to follow Him always! Talk to your child today about when you became a Christian. Use this as a time to share your love for Christ with your child!
___ Tuesday: 2 Kings 23:1-3. What promise did Josiah make to the Lord? Do you need to make a promise to follow God today? Help your child make a proclamation that he will follow Jesus. Write out “I promise to love and read God’s Word” (or anything else your child wants to say) and then have your child sign it. You might also choose to have your child decorate the proclamation. Make a big deal about signing it . . . you might even want to have a special ceremony as your child is signing the proclamation.
___ Wednesday: Matthew 4:18-22. How did the disciples respond to Jesus’s call in these verses? What were they now going to be doing? Do you know what it means to be a fisher-of-men? It means you want to tell everyone you know about Jesus! Give your child a snack of goldfish crackers. Before he eats each cracker, have him hold it up and say the name of one of his friends. Then pray for that friend to love Jesus . . . and then eat the goldfish! Here is a song for you today:

___ Thursday: Luke 5:27-28. How did Matthew respond to Jesus’s call? Did he wait for Jesus to ask Him again? No! He got up IMMEDIATELY and followed Jesus! Act out this scene with your child today. Have him sit at a table with a pile of coins and pretend to be collecting money. Then walk by and say, “Follow me”. Have him practice leaving all the money behind and following right away. Discuss how Matthew left all the money and everything he had and followed Jesus right then and there!
___ Friday: Psalm 63:1. How important is God to the Psalmist? How do you know? Have you ever been super, super thirsty and all you wanted was a drink of water? Water tastes pretty good when you are really thirsty, doesn’t it? In the same way, we need to thirst after Jesus – we need to want Him more than anything else we have! Make some homemade lemonade with your child today while you discuss what it means to thirst for Jesus. If you live in an area where it is allowed and would work, set up a “free” lemonade stand outside of your house. Give lemonade away to people who walk by. Go even further and decorate the cups or write “Psalm 63:1” on a sign by your lemonade stand. Here are a couple easy recipes for homemade lemonade:

Week Two – The Call to Go (June 15-19)
We need to go to everyone that needs Jesus and share the Good News. Where does God want YOU to go?

___ Monday: Matthew 28:18-20. What did Jesus tell His disciples to do? Jesus wants US to go, too! He wants us to go to all people and tell everyone everywhere about Jesus! Let’s do something fun today that will help us think about people all over the world who need to know about Jesus. Make a splat earth with your child. This is a fun outdoor activity that will help your child think about the rest of the world. When you finish, spend time praying together for people all over the world to hear about Jesus. Find directions on how to make this splat map here:

___ Tuesday: Genesis 12:1-4. What did God tell Abram to do? How did Abram respond to God’s call? Do you think it was hard for Abram to leave his home, not knowing where he would be going? God told him to go, and he went! We need to go where Jesus tells us to go, too! Play a travel game with your child. Ask: If you were moving far from home, what would you take with you? Help your child pretend to pack a suitcase or draw pictures to put into a suitcase. While you are packing your suitcase, talk about how hard it is to leave, but when God tells us to do something, we need to do it!
___ Wednesday: Luke 2:8-15. Where did the angel tell the shepherds to go? When they went to Bethlehem, who did they see? The shepherds obeyed the angels and went to Bethlehem where they met baby Jesus! Sometimes there are great surprises waiting for us when we go where God wants us to go! Make a nativity scene snack today to help remind your child that great things happen when we obey God. Here is a really fun idea:

___ Thursday: Romans 10:11-15.  Where did Jesus tell the disciples to take the gospel? Where do you think Jesus wants you to take the gospel? What does the Bible say about the feet of those who bring good news? Do a foot painting activity with your child. Place a canvas down on your sidewalk and different color paint in paper bowls. Let your child step in the bowls and then walk on the canvas. Wash off his feet and let him pick a new color! Do this until he has a cool design on his canvas. Talk about what truly makes his feet beautiful!
___ Friday: Isaiah 6:8-10 What question did the Lord ask in these verses? Why do you think He needed someone to go for Him? Does He still need someone today? Are you willing to go for God? Write the words “Here am I, send me” on a piece of paper and then have your child hold those words as you take a picture of him. Print the picture off and let your child make a frame for it. He can use any art items you have to make the frame – puzzle pieces, milk carton lids, pieces of string, buttons, etc. All he needs to do is glue the picture on a hard piece of paper (cardstock) and then glue the selected items around it to make the frame. Hang the picture somewhere to remind him of the importance of being willing to go where God wants you to go!

Week Three – The Call to Tell (June 22-26)
God wants us to tell everyone we can about Him. Will you tell people about Jesus?

___ Monday: Mark 16:15. What did Jesus tell His disciples to do when they went into all the world? Have you ever told anyone about Jesus? Make a salvation bracelet or wordless book with your child today. This is a great activity to help your child learn the salvation message, as well as a great way to teach him how to share it with others. Choose a different color bead (or color paper) for each step of the process. (Black = sin, Red = blood of Christ, Blue = Baptism, White = sins forgiven, Green = growing as a Christian, Yellow = streets of gold in heaven . . . . our promised reward!)
___ Tuesday: Jeremiah 1:6-8. What did God tell Jeremiah to speak? Do you think God can help you speak His words, too? How? Fill up a bunch of water balloons and go outside for a fun water balloon toss with your child. Toss the water balloons back and forth, taking a step back each time you catch it. Every time you toss the balloon, shout out one thing you can tell others about Jesus (for example: Jesus loves you, Jesus died for your sins, Jesus rose from the dead, etc). When the balloon breaks, come back together and pray for someone you know who needs to know about Jesus. Then toss the next balloon! Have fun!
___ Wednesday: Acts 8:26-40. What happened to Philip? Who did Philip tell about Jesus and what was the response? When we tell others about Jesus, great things can happen! Make your own chariot with your child and act out this Scripture. Use cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, furniture, or anything else your child comes up with. Let him be as elaborate or as simple as he wants – the important part is to have fun! Then let him sit in the chariot while you run up to him and tell him about Jesus. Switch places and let him tell you about Jesus. You might even want to have him use his bracelet or book from Monday to help him tell you about Jesus! Find a coloring page for this Scripture here:

___ Thursday: Matthew 10:32-33. What happens to those who confess Jesus before others? How can you confess Jesus before others? Help your child make a sweet treat to share with a neighbor or friend . . . perhaps a batch of cookies, a pie, or fresh bread. Help your child make a card for that person inviting him to church. Then take your child with you to deliver the sweet treat and invitation to church. When you get back home, pray together for that person.
___ Friday: Psalm 9:1-2. What are some of the great things God has done for you? Who can you tell about God’s wonders today? Draw a large outline of a heart outside on your sidewalk or in your driveway. Give your child sidewalk chalk and let him fill in the heart with pictures of all the great things God has done for him. For even more fun, help your child make his own sidewalk paint and then use that instead of (or along with) the chalk. Find a recipe sidewalk paint here:

Week Four – The Call to Testify (June 29-July 3))
What has God done for YOU? When you share this with others, you are “testifying”!

___ Monday: Matthew 11:2-6. What did Jesus tell John’s disciples to report back to John? Jesus told them to tell John about the amazing things they saw Jesus doing. What amazing things have you seen Jesus do in your life? Make a tasty shake or fruit smoothie with your child. Gather the ingredients together and then let your child put the ingredients in to the blender one at a time. Each time he puts something in the blender, he needs to say one thing that Jesus has done for him. After all the ingredients are in the blender, say, “Jesus does great things in our lives and he wants us to share those great things with others!” Turn on the blender, mix the ingredients and then share the treat with your child! Find instructions on how to make a smoothie and some great recipes here:

___ Tuesday: John 4:7-10, 28-30. In these verses, Jesus talks to a woman from Samaria. After talking with Jesus, what did she do? She went back and told everyone else what had happened! She testified about Jesus! Here is a video for this passage:


Make your own “well” craft to go along with this passage. Here is one using craft sticks. This one is made to hold flowers, which you could tie in to the lesson by talking about how telling others about Jesus can lead to beautiful things!

and here is one using milk cartons. (This one would be a good one to use to reenact the story with your child):

and here is a simple one with a printable:

___ Wednesday: Acts 4:13-20. What did Peter and John say they could not stop speaking about? Do you know what it was that they had seen and heard? They had been with Jesus, and they could not stop talking about it! Do you like to talk about Jesus, too? Peter and John were put in prison because they were talking about Jesus! Make your own prison snack out of pretzel sticks and frosting (or cream cheese . . . anything that will help the pretzel sticks stay together to make the bars of a prison) You might even want to add teddy grahams or gummy bears as “people” to put in the prison. Talk with your child about how we need to be willing to talk about Jesus no matter what might happen to us!
___ Thursday: Acts 20:17-24. What did Paul feel that he had to do? Paul told everyone about what Jesus had done for him everywhere he went. You can tell people about Jesus, too! Make a megaphone to help your child remember that he can tell others about Jesus wherever he is. Here is a great idea (with a printable template) from Crafting the Word of God:

___ Friday: Psalm 34:1-3. When should we bless and praise the Lord? At ALL times! Let’s do that today! Find a fun praise song and sing along to it, help your child make his own instruments to use to praise the Lord, let your child draw a picture/mural of ways he wants to praise the Lord, etc. Spend time praising the Lord with your child today!

Week Five – The Call to Be Bold (July 6-10))
God does not want us to be afraid! He promises that He will always be with us, and He calls us to live a life of BOLDNESS! Can you be brave for Jesus?

___ Monday: Proverbs 28:1. How are lions bold? How should Christians be bold? What gives us the courage to have this type of boldness in our lives? Make a lion craft with your child today to remind him that he should be as BOLD as a lion! Here is a craft that uses a picture of your child to make a lion face . . . pretty cool, and a great way to help your child realize that HE can be as bold as a lion with God’s help!

___ Tuesday: Joshua 1:9 What did God tell Joshua to be in this verse? What does it mean to be strong and courageous? Help your child learn this verse by putting motions to the verse. Come up with a motion for “strong” (perhaps showing your muscles) and a motion for “courageous” (perhaps showing a super courageous face or roaring like a lion.) See how fast your child can do both of the motions as you read the verse. Add motions to the rest of the verse if you’d like. Make a “strong and courageous shield”. Cut a shield out of cardboard and let your child decorate it however he wants to remind him that God will be with him to give him courage.
___ Wednesday: 1 Samuel 17. This is a long passage of Scripture because it is the story of David and Goliath. If it is too long to read with your child, read a few verses and then tell the rest of the story or read it from a Bible storybook. Here is a video you can use as well:

Go outside in your driveway and trace an outline of a giant with sidewalk chalk. Use a yard stick/rulers to make sure the giant is 9 feet long! Then let your child lie down inside the outline of the giant to see how he would measure up to Goliath! Talk with your child about scary situations he faces, and about how God can help him with those scary situations, too. Have your child write or draw ways that God gives him courage (or times that God gives him courage) inside the outline of Goliath.
___ Thursday: Philippians 1:18-20. How did Paul want to preach the gospel? Paul wanted to preach with great BOLDNESS! What do you think this means? Do a fun activity with bubbles to help your child understand that God can help him do BIG things. Take a bottle of regular bubble mix outside and let him play with the bubbles. Let him blow bubbles, chase bubbles, etc. Explain how the bubbles stand for US! We are on our own trying to serve God . . . and blowing away in the wind! BUT THEN . . . GOD comes along! With God, we can do BIGGER things than we could ever do on our own! Mix up a batch of super, giant bubble mix (or have this made in advance) and make a giant bubble with your child. Remind your child that God can help him do great BOLD things for Jesus! Find the recipe for the giant bubble mix here:

___ Friday: Psalm 27:1. How can God help us to not be afraid? Talk with your child about things that he is afraid of. Then make a courage collage with your child. Have him glue or draw pictures on a piece of paper to represent what he is afraid of. Then take a big, black marker and help him write, “God will give me courage” over the top of the collage. Pray with your child, asking God to give him courage.

Week Six – The Call to Stand (July 13-17))
God wants us to stand up for what is right ALWAYS!!! Can you do the right thing, even when others around you are not?

___ Monday: Ephesians 6:10-20. What does God want us to put on? Talk with your child about the armor of God. Discuss each piece with him and help him understand what it is. Make an armor of God snack with your child. You can find a great way to do this here:

___ Tuesday: Daniel 3. This is another long passage. Once again, read a few verses and then tell the rest as a story or read from a Bible story book. You can also use this video:


Here is a fun snack for this story:
And a fiery furnace craft using old crayons:

Talk with your child about when it is hard to do the right thing. Pray with your child, asking God for the courage to take a STAND for Him.
___ Wednesday: Acts 7:54-60. This is the story of Stephen, a man who took a stand for Jesus. He kept speaking about Jesus, and what happened to him? He was killed for his faith! Sometimes taking a stand for Jesus can be dangerous, but we still need to stand for Him! Go outside with your child and help him gather several stones. Then, have him draw or write ways that he can stand for Jesus on each of the stones. Arrange the stones around your house as a reminder for your child to take a stand for Jesus . . . even when it’s hard!
___ Thursday: 2 Timothy 4:1-5. What was Timothy told to do? Paul told Timothy to take a stand and preach the Word – even if the rest of the world doesn’t want to hear the truth anymore. Some people don’t want to hear the truth, but we still need to take a stand and speak the truth! Make a “mouth craft” with your child to help him remember to speak the truth. Draw the shape of a mouth on red construction paper and cut it out. Glue mini-marshmallows in the mouth to stand for his teeth. You could also glue or tape this to a stick or ruler and let him hold it up in front of his own mouth while saying words of truth about Jesus.
___ Friday: Matthew 5:13-16. These verses tell you to shine your light . . . not to keep it hidden! How are you shining your light in your neighborhood? Use empty toilet paper tubes and red/yellow construction paper to help your child design his own “candle”. Have him decorate the toilet paper tube however he wants, talking with him about what it means to let his light shine while he works. Sing “This Little Light of Mine” with your child. Let him use his candle craft as he sings the song. Use this video to help:

Week Seven – The Call to Be Different (July 20-24)
Being a Christian is different! How are you DIFFERENT from those around you?

___ Monday: Romans 12:1-2. What are we not supposed to be like? We are not supposed to be like the world. Our actions should be different, our words should be different, and our thoughts should be different! Find a great object lesson on filling our mind up with the things of God here:

___ Tuesday: Daniel 1:8-21. How were Daniel and his friends different from those around them? Do you think it was hard for them to make the choice to be different? Have a snack of vegetables and water to remind your child of the way Daniel and his friends were different – and that WE need to be different, too!
___ Wednesday: Matthew 3:1-6. How was John the Baptist different? I’m sure many people thought John the Baptist was a bit strange, but he had a job straight from the Lord and he obeyed! Are you willing to obey what God wants you to do, no matter what other people might think? Make a “John the Baptist locust and wild honey snack” with your child. Find instructions here:

___ Thursday: 1 Timothy 4:12. What does it mean to set an example? Are you setting an example for others? Take a poster board or other large paper and divide it into sections. Then talk with your child about ways that he can be an example to others. Have him draw pictures or cut out pictures from magazines and old newspapers to show how he can be an example in as many of the areas mentioned in the Bible verse as he can find. Pray with your child.
___ Friday: Psalm 1:1-3 What will the person who lives his life for God be like? Go on a tree hike with your child. Walk through your neighborhood or local park and talk about the trees that you see. Discuss how trees stand tall through all kinds of weather – just like we should stand strong in Jesus through all of our lives! Make a tree or leaf rubbing art project with your child.

Week Eight – The Call to Sacrifice (July 27-31)
Being a Christian is not easy. In fact, Jesus Himself said that being a Christian is very, very hard. Are you willing to put Jesus first in your life – even if it is hard?

___ Monday: Matthew 16:24-26. What do you think Jesus meant by these verses? Are you willing to follow Jesus no matter what? Talk with your child about the hard situations that might happen because he is a Christian. Then make an outline of a cross (or make a cross out of craft sticks or boards) and have him draw pictures of himself following Jesus in the outline of the cross. End by enjoying a cross snack.

___ Tuesday: Daniel 6. This is another long passage. Read the first few verses and then tell the story or use a Bible storybook. Here is a video that could help as well:


Talk with your child about the courage that God gave Daniel to do the right thing. Then act out this story with your child. Make lion masks and let your child pretend to be the lions while you pretend to be Daniel, and then switch places. Then have a lion snack. Here are a couple ideas to inspire you:

___ Wednesday: Acts 16:22-30 What happened to Paul and Silas as a result of their relationship with Jesus? How did they respond to their situation? We need to praise God, too . . no matter what! Make a paper chain of praises to God. Cut out strips of construction paper and have your child write or draw praises to God on each strip. Then connect the strips together like a chain. Have fun using this chain to “chain” your child up and put him in prison like Paul and Silas!
___ Thursday: 2 Timothy 1:8-9. What does Paul ask Timothy to join him in doing? Serving Jesus will not always be fun and happy! We need to serve Jesus no matter what! Give your child a bandaid to remind him that sometimes it will hurt to be a Christian. Have him draw a picture of a cross on his bandaid, pray with him for people who are suffering today because of their faith, and then put the bandaid on him to serve as a reminder of today’s lesson. Be sure to ask him what that bandaid means throughout the day as a way to reinforce today’s reading.
___ Friday: Revelation 7:9-17. One day there will be no more pain! We will be with Jesus forever! Help your child draw or paint a picture of what he thinks heaven will be like. If it is a nice day, go outside and draw the picture on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk or paint. Spend time thanking God for the promise of heaven!

Week Nine – The Call to Serve (August 3-7)
Do you know what it means to be a servant? Did you know that God wants you to serve others? You are never too young to serve, and this week we will see what it means to be a servant!

___ Monday: Matthew 25:34-40. According to these verses, how do you serve Jesus? Can you think of anyone that you can serve today? Help your child go through his possessions and choose a few items to give away. Then help him bag those items up and take him with you to give them to a local charity. You might also have him draw pictures or cards for the people who work at the charity where you are donating the items.
___ Tuesday: 2 Kings 4:8-10. Who served Elisha in these verses? How? With your child, choose a leader of your church to invite over for a meal. Let your child help you prepare the meal and make a card for the leader. Then have the leader over as a way to encourage him. Pray for this leader with your child every day for the rest of the week.
___ Wednesday: John 13:5-10. How did Jesus serve His disciples in these verses? Would that have been a fun job? Examine your child’s feet with him to see how dirty they are. Have fun helping him clean his feet! Then have him trace an outline of his feet on a piece of paper and fill in the outline with pictures of ways that he can serve Jesus.
___ Thursday: Ephesians 2:10. What were we created to do? What kind of good works do you think God wants you to do for Him? Talk with your child about the special qualities that you see in his life and how those qualities could be used for God. Look through old scrapbooks or at old pictures and talk about how your child has grown. Use this time to encourage your child to do great things for God. End the time together by praying over your child for his life to serve God in great ways.
___ Friday: Psalm 102:18m 21-22. Who was verse 18 written about? It talks about a people not yet created . . . that’s US!!! These verses are speaking about us! Write a “praise Jesus” book together! Take a few pieces of paper and staple them together. Let your child draw or write a praise on each page. Give it a title and help your child decorate the cover. Then let your child read it to you . . . and everyone else in the house! He is now living out verse 18!

Week Ten – The Call to Praise (August 10-14)
It has been great looking at the Call of God on our lives through this study! Let’s end our study with one more call – the call to praise!

___ Monday: Psalm 150. What are some of the ways we are supposed to praise the Lord? What do you have to praise the Lord for today? Why don’t you spend some time praising the Lord right now? Make your own instruments and have your own praise time! Use whatever you have available – pots and pans make great drums – or try making one of these interesting instruments:

___ Tuesday: Exodus 15:1-2, 20-21. Who praised the Lord in these verses? How? Let’s make a tambourine today! Decorate two paper plates, put beans in between them and staple or tape them together. Hang a streamer from it for an added decoration! Then sing a praise song while playing your tambourine! Find more detailed instructions here:

___ Wednesday: Luke 1:46-50 Who praised the Lord in these verses? Why? Make “praise popsicles” today! Give your child several popsicle sticks. Have him write out praises on each one. Then pour koolaid, juice, lemonade, blended fruit, or whatever else you have on hand into ice cube trays or paper cups. Stick the popsicle sticks in each cup and put them in the freezer until they freeze. Later on, have a refreshing snack . . . and give praise to God at the same time!
___ Thursday: Philippians 4:4. What does it mean to rejoice in the Lord? How is it possible to ALWAYS rejoice in the Lord? Help your child memorize this verse today! Sing it together (use this video:)

___ Friday: Colossians 3:16-17. What are we supposed to give to God? We are supposed to give Him thanks! What do you have to be thankful for today? Make a “thankfulness kite” with your child today. Decorate a kite to show all the things your child is thankful for. Then take him out into a wide open space and let him try flying his kite . . . lifting his thanks up to God! For more information on how to make a simple kite that flies (even without wind), check out this site:

Congratulations! You have finished the Summer Bible Reading Plan – “The Call” – with your child! Do something special to celebrate!!!!!!

Now that you have finished the Summer Bible Reading Plan, you might be wondering what to do next.  Be sure to check out the other Bible Reading Plans here at Ministry Mom and keep your kids reading the Word!  Also, if you are a homeschooling family, you might be interested in my Homeschool Bible Curriculum.  Click on the “Bible Studies and Curriculum” tab above to see if any of the Bible Curriculum might be right for your family!

Thank you for participating in the Summer Bible Reading Plan.   It would be fabulous if you would share this plan with others and come like my page on facebook!

Have a Super Summer and keep being intentional with your children!


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