June 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

Summer is such a great time to be intentional with your kids!  There are Vacation Bible Schools, summer camp programs, and church events that can all help your child grow in his faith.  But nothing will help your child grow in his faith more than a daily time with God . . . a time... Continue Reading →

April 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

This month our kids will be praying for people living in far away places, as well as for the people living  right next door!  They will spend time focusing on the death and resurrection of Jesus and will pray for their own relationships with the Lord.  This is a great month for your child to... Continue Reading →

March 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

This month, our children will be praying for countries such as Cuba, Ireland, and Israel.  They will be praying for their governments, local churches, and their own families.   And they will be praying for areas in their own lives that they need God to transform. Through all of this, they will be learning that they... Continue Reading →

December 2014 Prayer Calendar for Children

As you reflect on this past year, take time to examine the spiritual health of your family.  How would you rate 2014 on a spiritual scale?  Did you help your children grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ?  Did  you make Bible reading and prayer a priority?  Were you intentional about passing on your faith?... Continue Reading →

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